Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan's nukes

What can one say about the unfolding tragedy in Japan? All I can add is this: Immediately after Three Mile Island, officials constantly assured the public that problems were minimal. After Chernobyl, officials constantly assured the public that problems were minimal.

Now we are told not to worry because we're talking about light water reactors. But there is still plenty that can go wrong...
Melt or heat warp the rods and all bets are off.

And this reactor was already scrammed..­. The reaction does not stop instantly when the control rods are inserted, it takes a full day after a shutdown before you can turn off the coolant pumps.

And if you turn off the coolant pumps too soon, the rods will warp or melt, and all bets are off.

Get it?
Does the explosion mean that containment has been breached?

Placing a nuke reactor in an earthquake zone is a bad idea. We need our government, and all other governments, to initiate crash programs to switch to green energy. And we could have just that,
It was also a fatal mistake to entrust the building and maintaining of nuclear facilities to the private sector. Any fool knows corporations destroy everything they touch.
Soylent Green, brought to a planet near you by the Libertarian Wing of the republican party and co-starring Corporate America.
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