Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Telling words

A truly great sub-head:
Obama's spending plan is so timid, he must be working on a smarter plan we don't know about.
Those words pretty much sum up the entire O phenomenon, eh wot? Obama's administration has been such a disappointment, he must be working on a smarter administration that we don't know about. Keep the faith, baby.

As noted here, Tim Geithner is firmly in control of the economy now that Larry Summers is out.
A knowledgeable insider told Cockburn that despite Larry Summers’ reputation as a corporate tool,
“Larry has some idea that there is more to the economy than just the welfare of large banks,” this official suggests. “He did push for a larger stimulus and more jobs programs, for example. Tim just cares about banks.”
That's unsettling. Obama must have a better economic czar waiting in the wings -- one that we don't know about.
Looks like we are getting what we deserve, first with George W. Bush and now with Barrack H.(W.) Obama.
Serves us right for not paying attention.
Perhaps if one of the networks did a politics based reality show?
Potomac Shore? (H/T to Wilbur Mills)
Perhaps a movie,

"Honey, the banks stole my democracy!!"
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