Saturday, February 26, 2011


Next time President Obama gives a speech before Democrats, audience members should silently hold up their shoes -- to remind him of an important campaign promise.

I admit that I'd love to see this video receive a fairly wide circulation. And I'd love to see crowds raise up their sneakers en masse. So pass this around! Big hat tip (shoe tip?) to Hipparchia at Corrente and Michael Monk at Firedoglake.
The comments at FDL were to be expected. The usual gang of
O-pologists, vote third party, vote this, vote that, and etc. Much ado about nothing because in the end Obama will be the Democratic party's candidate in 2012, there will be a republican back in the White House 2013 and the Democrats will be the minority party in both chambers of congress.

I'm looking for a House investigation into Obama's ties to Tony Rezko and the Chicago corruption machine to start up early summer of 2012. It will be too late to substitute another candidate but not to early for the voters to forget come November.

Even if the investigation goes nowhere the background drone of the hearings will be enough to discourage some Democrat voters from going to the polls unless the republicans are dumb enough to keep this Wisconsin thing going. Remember that there are twice the number of Democratic Senate seats up for grabs than republican seats this coming election cycle.

Back in 2008, who would have thought that Obama, Pelosi, and Reid would have managed to end what should have been Democratic control of the government for the next decade in four short years.
This is terrific, Joseph, and I posted it on my FB page.
Just think--someday we'll be able to tell our great-grandchildren, "I lived through the two worst Presidencies in American history."
But will there even BE an American history by that point?
Much less great-grandchildren. :(
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