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Monday, February 28, 2011

Physics and economics

Over the years, "controlled demolition" freaks have often said "Cannon doesn't know the laws of physics." Apparently, we are supposed to consider Charlie Sheen (who has offered his celebrity endorsement of the CDer gospel) a reputable source on laws of physics.

Well, he is a high priest Vatican assassin warlock, and that ought to count for something.

On another topic...

Fellow blogger and economics genius Kat Huff, also known as Dakinikat, appeared on a recent John W. Smart podcast -- and she was terrific! Seriously, you gotta give her a listen. Smart had asked me to be on the next 'cast, but there ain't no way I'm gonna follow that.

In fact, I'd rather not porkypig my way through another interview, because all of my verbal tics are uh, y'know even um more, uh, more annoying when I speak than when, uh, y'know, I write.
Dude -- you started the ball rolling on the Koch attempted robbery of Wisconsin's power plants. Huff is quite good -- be good to hear you on Smart's show. Sheen is now officially certifiable.
Sheen is right about one thing. Those scripts were aweful. Sadly, however, so was the acting.

Anyway, he seems to be having fun generally. I shall reserve my sympathy for others.

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