Friday, February 11, 2011

Mub out

Despite the issues raised in a preceding post (scroll down), I'm glad that Hosni has finally said hasta la vista. Word has it that the man who vowed to die in Egypt has hustled himself off to the UAE. Maybe he and Waed Ghonim have an apartment-swap deal.

Let's hope that the Egyptians can now erect a real democracy, instead of a D.C.-friendly sham with fig-leaf elections.

What a muddle this thing was and is! Lots of mixed signals from Mubarak, the Egyptian military, the Obama administration, and the American right. One day we'll know what really happened.
...or he could have left as a prelude to a bloodbath in the capital. The fat lady hasn't stepped up to sing yet.
Just flipped on CNN to watch the goings on and Wolf was talking to some Egyptian about 20 to 70 billion dollars that Mubarak supposedly is worth. It is just so mind boggling to me that people like Mubarak can steal pretty much everything from their country and live with themselves.

Many, many people live horrible impoverished lives in Egypt that is impossibly hard and yet the leader of their country thinks it is a good idea to steal the money that he could have used to do good things for his people. What kind of genetic mutation do rich and powerful people have that makes them so callous and oblivious to the needs of others?
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