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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Assassination update: Mossad?

It now appears that the alleged assassination attempt on Omar Suleiman never took place. Strangely, this non-event was considered real by certain key figures within the Obama administration, and by German ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger.

Lambert's new take on this is worth noting:
Mub, through FOX, deked Hillary. If we can't manage our client states, then we no longer deserve the imperial role. It's worth noting that this little bit of disinformation took three-quarters of a news cycle to play out, and only FOX and the administration, including the SoS, took it seriously. I just reviewed Google news on this, and it looks like the story never propagated successfully outside the right-wing echo chamber...
Whoever the night desk editors were who saved their media outlets bacon on this one, instead of joining the pack, kudos, because they turned out to be smarter, more skeptical, and more informed than the US government.
I can't agree with lambert on one key point: I don't think that this was a Mub job. If it had been, his government would have propagated the story, or at least allowed it to simmer for a while longer, instead of denying it.

The more I think about it, the more likely it seems that this bit-o-disinfo was a Mossad ploy.

The FOX report got huge (and respectful) play throughout the Israeli press. That's a clue right there. If you look hard enough, you'll probably find Israeli articles which cite non-FOX sources for the claim.

One can easily visualize how the Obama crew and Ischinger might fall for a false tale offered up by the Israelis. As amusing as it is to make snarky remarks about the O Team's incompetence, let's get real: Hillary Clinton is no dummy -- and neither is Ischinger, judging from the man's internet trail.

If this explanatory scenario seems paranoid or predictable or predictably paranoid -- well, my apologies. True, there are creepy people out there who blame Mossad for everything, up to and including global warming, your aching back, and the recent snowstorm. I don't think that way. But it is nevertheless a fact that Mossad has been known to take risks that older and more cautious intelligence services do not -- and obviously, the Israelis must be fearful of the new Egyptian government's attitude toward their country.

I could be wrong, but I think this was an Israeli ploy to help Mub.
I think the Israelis are crapping their pants. Israel had 30 years to make serious peace proposals, but they decided to steal the Palestinian territory.
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