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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Status Report

I had a bit of a "Sullivan's Travel's" beginning to my trip. In fact, my last hours on my home turf were spent watching Jerry Brown get himself sworn in as Governor, while we waited for wheel bearings to be replaced on our hideously overweight minivan. Brown talked about the trials experienced by the settlers who came to California via wagon train -- an appropriate image, since we are going in the opposite direction.

So are a lot of other folks, from what I gather.

Brown's a good man, and California was prosperous during his previous time in office. But I don't think that he can solve the state's current problems. No-one can. Gridlock in Sacramento will continue,because the Republicans (many of whom make Sharron Angle look like Eleanor Roosevelt) simply will not compromise.

So I got out of Dodge. But things do not appear to be muich better elsewhere.

During our first night out of the state, we spoke to a motel manager who revealed that he has a Master's degree in physics. Running a motel -- working for a nice gentleman from India -- is the best job he can get.

Libertarianism has destroyed America. Marx never harmed us. Milton Friedman did.
Have you reached the Mississippi yet?

(a status report should include your status)
"Libertarianism has destroyed America."

This is profoundly true.
Having heard enough stories like these, I've saved every penny and firmly embraced minimalism and frugality over the last few years. Fortunately I live in the midwest where I can easily lower my living expenses in order to bolster my savings. Whenever I feel like I'm starting to slip back into old consumerist paradigms I fire up "Fight Club" and maybe read some Thoreau.
So where the f**k are you? The offer still stands, you know...
Excellent post! Libertarianism is quite dangerous. America is not dead but it has been wounded.

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