Saturday, January 01, 2011

See you on the other side...

...the other side of the country, that is. While most of you were out celebrating, I spent the night packing the Hippo.

It just occurred to me that many readers will find the previous sentence obscene. "The Hippo" is the nickname for our minivan.

A cross-country trip like this is scary, especially after one has read tales of 100-car pile-ups in North Dakota. But one must embrace adventure. An infinitude of thanks to readers who made this adventure possible. Thanks for everything.
Good luck!
Break a leg!
Bon Voyage. Hope you have a grand voyage.
Happy trails!

Good luck, Joseph!
I hope you get your kicks on Route 66!
Enjoy your trip. I did the X-Country thing in my youth, taking the North route to avoid country western radio stations, and enjoyed every minute of it. This is a BIG country! I don't know anything about Maryland, but have been an east coaster my whole life (outside of that military time) and it's not as bad as the left coasters are saying.
Congrats on the embracing the new and the courage to follow your dreams.
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