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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Weekend Update... UPDATED: Now With 20% More Goodly Goodness...

Joseph asked me to write a small blurb about his present whereabouts...

He is on an important animation assignment that has a hellacious deadline of Sunday and stuck behind a computer that is not his own.

He also wanted for me to convey his gratitude of the generosity of his readers. He was moved to tears, as was I (on more than one occasion.)

Ms. Vandal.

Update: Joseph is still in the clutches of the evil animation assignment. He is hoping to post his salacious Obama/Ambramoff/+ Mystery Contestant story tomorrow, but probably by Tuesday at the latest...

I hope. I miss him terribly.

Ms. Vandal.
As the kid whisperer from Modern Family would say, (in a whisper) SILVER CHALICE backers - the list
Just posted another update on my eeeevil Facebook page. :)
lol, got the show wrong, its the Kid Whisperer from "The Middle".
I'm sure I'm not the only reader here who can relate to the struggle between surviving and contributing to make things better for all.

I wish you peace and good things, Joseph and Ms Vandal. We can wait.
Well, then you just know how we felt when he stopped blogging entirely. it was terrible. Just don't let that happen again.
@Lori, I understand all too well. It was a little weird having him away from home for so long. Usually I am the one that runs away for a week or so to visit my family.

I do plan on keeping him blogging. It is cathartic for him. Someday, I shall have to relay what he was like when he was not blogging... that was surreal.

Ms. vandal.
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