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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Take THAT, Shep!

I'm thinking t-shirts. (Click to enlarge.)
Hey, I just got a job (part time and minimum wage, but it's a start) so now I can buy one.

I love it. It really shows who Obama is underneath. I'm a little concerned that the red arrow is pushing or pointing forward, and the blue arrow is pointing backwards, though I suppose one could be stopping the other. Still, lovely that you could show who the President really is inside.
Woah. Tiro, did you wander here from a right-wing blog? If so, then I have to thank you -- because you stopped me from making a mistake. I did not intend to convey the impression that Obama was in any way FDR-like "underneath." I am a big fan of FDR -- 100%.

The idea I was trying to convey was this: "Let's cross out Obama and replace him with someone who will carry on the FDR legacy."

Images are a language. But not a precise one. Even the artist may not understand that multiple interpretations are possible.
That would make a great animated .gif or flash animation.
I like this concept. But as Tiro was mistaken, it might be misinterpreted. What if we had a pic of FDR with an equal sign next to a blank silhouette with a ? over its face?

Or simply, two pics of Obama and FDR separated by a not equal sign.

I didn't wander here from a right wing blog. I sometimes wander here from the center, and I know you, and what you mean to say. But I only know what you are getting at because I know you. To my eye, it doesn't really work as an X as in crossing out. Instead, it seems to be a storyboard of a reveal. This is aided, in the 3rd panel, by the way head, chin, and ears line up. Really, it looks to me to express the sentiments of the folks you like to refer to as Obots. I think your Kos crowd might buy a few as well.

I have no interest in your slit party plans, but I like you well enough, so I thought i'd give you a heads up that this particular poster might be read differently by different people.
I wouldn't buy anything with Obama's face on it, even if it's crossed out.
I think the crossed out version is very clear, Joseph. Love the new logo, with the "Let's Fight Back" slogan.

(And congratulations to catlady on her new job. In this job market, that is a wonderful first step.)

Sigh. When I saw you were back, Cannon, I was cautiously optimistic. I used to love your quirky and insightful analysis. I even donated to the site. But, it's tiresome to check in and see the childish slams on Palin. It would be one thing if you showed the same amount of venom about every picayune aspect of male republicans, but you don't. (Your lauding of Romney - a complete weirdo and sociopath - is case in point)

Wish I could stay around and even donate again, but piling on the only woman in the group is just not my bag, baby.
Run -- first, I think you meant this comment for the more recent post.

Hey, if you'll donate if I say nasty things about Romney, I'll be happy to sing for my supper. I think he's as oily as they come.
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