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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Sign of the Times?

Readers of this blog may know of Joseph's fondness for tacky Holiday displays (well, actually... mine too.) While walking the fearsome hellhound Bella, I noticed a disconcerting lack of ostentatious Holiday lights bedecking the halls of the local homes. Last year, the same streets were aglow of colors and spectacular arrangements. My question is two fold:

1) Is this a sign of the times? Is it an issue of morale or finances? Has the Recession (capital 'R' please) caused citizens to rethink the financial aspects of decorating - i.e. it takes money to pay the electric bill to light the lights and fill the lawn sculptures with air... or... are people so emotionally detached they are not filled with the Holiday spirit?

2) Is it like this where you are?

I hope that Joseph and I will be able to visit Candy Cane Lane in Woodland Hills before we leave the state... just one last time. It might be our only chance to see some real Holiday displays this year.

Ms. Vandal.
One additional variable was the record cold in California in early late November, early December that continued for a almost a week.

That is the time when many put up their lights and putting up lights in that cold was probably not on very many people's to do list.
I don't think that is the case... we (meaning where I live, ergo the same spot of the lack of sightings) 'enjoyed' temperatures in the mid-80's this weekend (the weekend being the time to really put up lights). Today, the temperature is finally dipping below 80.

Earlier in the month, and some of November we did have some cold weather, but nothing like 50's... we're talking high 60's.

Yeah... you have my permission to hate us.

Ms. Vandal
1. Both. But that's just a guess.

2. Yeah, pretty much like that here in provincial Thailand.
And you're leaving that nice, temperate clime??? I love the DC area, but we're talking some extremes there....cold winters and muggy summers. Well, best of luck in your move!

As for your question, I've actually noticed more holiday lights this season, so it looks as if the practice is reviving from a recent-years low. If I can dig mine out of the attic I might even deck out my porch...
I think the community I live in has a high Jewish residency rate. We've never had much in the way of XMas light displays, and that historical pattern continues.

There is a significant drop here I am and no cold temperatures.

It's the economy and fear -- which is the antithesis of joy.

Actually, I think there are more houses decorated here (in cold Ohio),except for on the empty, For Sale ones.

I put up a few more hoping to cheer people up.

Holiday Wishes to you, Joe, and All.

Far fewer displays here in ruralish PacNW. Not sure why. Maybe people are holding back until later.

We aren't putting ours up. No money for the extra electric and no real joy or excitement. Too many people we know are suffering right now.

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