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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Room at the Inn -- Cannonfire version

Over at Corrente, Lambert has pled on behalf of some bloggers facing dire straits this holiday season. All causes seem quite worthy. But I would like to add another name: Dakinikat of Sky Dancing.

She seems not to want to describe her situation in public; truth be told, she may be angry at me for saying anything. Suffice it to say that the economy has walloped her as it has walloped so many others. Governor Jindal appears to be doing his best to place her -- and other residents of Louisiana -- out on the cold, wet streets.

The sitch is getting grimmer. Considering the fact that Dakinikat runs one of the best blogs in blog-land, those of you with funds enough for further generosity should consider hitting her PayPal button.

Once again, I managed to stave off hunger by drawin' pitchers for my supper. Who knows how much longer that trick will work? Despite my love for the Golden State, I'm happy to be getting out of Dodge before that which is brown hits that which spins. Dkat's latest piece discusses the Day of Reckoning for the states, which aren't likely to get any further federal stim money. Drastic cutbacks will result -- especially in California.

Louisiana as well:
This situation has already worried Wall Street and will undoubtedly cause an increase in unemployment as state and local workers are laid off to balance budgets. One problem that we’ve had here in Louisiana is that state employment levels have been frozen in the clerical areas and the increased demand for unemployment has led to a 4 – 6 month backlog in processing unemployment benefits. If you don’t have a rich relative or an emergency savings fund, you’re most likely going to find yourself out on the street. It’s been the topic of many an investigative report in local TV. I found that it’s not just in Louisiana. It’s happened in Connecticut, Kansas, Rhode Island, and California too.
She's talkin' personal, folks.

This "jobless recovery" just ain't working.
I will do what I can to help her but I am also in the same situation a great many of us find ourselves in right now.

My kids have moved in with my wife and I to help make ends meet and even then, it's a struggle. So you can only imagine the venom I spit when I see the Political prostitutes, their Media whores and their Corporate paymasters tell us that all is indeed well.

I wonder how many of them have to worry about the lights being shut off or dodging phone calls from creditors harassing them at all hours of the day?

Maybe a few days in a home without heat or a weeks worth of Ramon noodles will soften them up a bit...

Naw...they would wind up telling us that being without heat is our own fault as we are too damn lazy to find work!

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