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Friday, December 17, 2010

The parts left out of the Abramoff movie -- or: Of Jack and Barack (Part 1)

Yes, I've seen an advance screening of Casino Jack, even though it hasn't opened yet -- and no, I did not download an illegal copy. The film stars Kevin Spacey as Abramoff, and he's terrific. So are Jon Lovitz, who plays Adam Kidan, and the late Maury Chaykin, who plays a character obviously modeled on Anthony "Big Tony" Moscatiello. It's a fascinating movie, and I'm confident that at least one of the aforementioned actors will get a major award.

I've also seen the other Casino Jack -- the documentary whose full title is Casino Jack and the United States of Money. Get that Jack if you want facts. It's more informative and almost as entertaining.

The missing stuff. Superlobbyist Jack Abramoff made many strange deals with many strange people (including, amusingly enough, a fellow named Joseph Cannon).
The story is really too big for a single film. At certain points, Casino Jack -- the non-documentary version -- comes very close to having the actors turn to the audience and confide: "We can't tell you everything we know." This movie is a palimpsest; the most unsettling truths hide beneath the visible story. When you see it, count the number of times the script winks at you.

The movie rather too rapidly glides past Abramoff's dark doings in the Marianas. Abramoff and his clients used luxurious vacations and "Potemkin village" factory tours to secure congressional approval for a vile system of indentured servitude, sex slavery and enforced abortions, all on American soil. The movie offers brief and vague references to these obscenities but never dramatizes them. In this regard, the documentary makes a far greater impact -- especially when the filmmakers visit Tom DeLay, who still defends what went on.

The Spacey version treats the Indian casino scams in an entertaining but somewhat veiled fashion. In essence, Abramoff and his partner -- Ralph Reed of the Christian Coalition -- ran a protection racket. If a tribe forked over millions to Abramoff and the GOP, Reed promised not to have his Christian soldiers shut down the operation. If a tribe didn't pay off, Reed would send the moralists into an anti-gambling frenzy. In other words: "Hey, nice little casino you got here. Wouldn't want to see anything happen to it..."

Casino Jack informs us about this scam but -- once again -- refuses to dramatize or to visualize. Imagine a Ben-Hur remake that doesn't show the chariot race, but has a character give us the gist of what happened.

The film grants Abramoff a moment of genuine concern for the oppression that indigenous Americans have suffered. Maybe he had such moments in real life; I don't know. I do know that the email trail demonstrates that Abramoff routinely used racist and insulting terms to describe Indians.

Most followers of the Abramoff scandals believe that his crew's dirtiest dealings involve the SunCruz casino ships and the murder of owner Gus Boulis. (SunCruz goes by another name in the film.) One senses that a secret scandal rests beneath the one which newspapers -- and Hollywood -- feel comfortable discussing.

I have an idea as to what that secret might be. Believe it or not, it indirectly involves Barack Obama.

Unfortunately, we'll need a lot more background before we get to Obama's long-ignored links to the Abramoff milieu. If some of this material is already familiar to you, allow yourself a smirk at the expense of your dullard fellow-citizens: Many Casino Jack reviewers on IMDB don't know who Jack Abramoff is or Gus Boulis was.

The casino ships. Gus Boulis was a Greek who had made millions from a chain of sandwich shops. Some writers strongly hint that his restaurants functioned as money laundries; I've never seen any proof for that allegation.

In 1994, he started SunCruz in Key Largo, offering gamblers luxurious trips outside the reach of Florida's laws. The venture proved very successful. It also attracted the attention of certain Florida authorities who became fixated on the goal of shutting Boulis down. Eventually, they discovered a little-known law which indicated that Boulis could not legally operate these ships because his American citizenship was in question.

Boulis needed to transfer ownership pronto. But he still wanted to run the operation and to keep at least part of the profits. Enter Jack Abramoff.

Toward the end of the year 2000, Abramoff bought the SunCruz line for some $147 million dollars, even though he didn't really have that kind of money. His partner and front man was Adam Kidan, an old chum from his college Republican days who had made some decent coin running a chain of mattress stores. Kidan was, as they say, somewhat "mobbed up" -- that is, he had acquaintances in organized crime.

Here's where things get murky. The movie gets murky, the documentary gets murky, and about three zillion Abramoff stories available via Google get murky.

We know this: Boulis at first wanted nothing to do with Abramoff and Kidan. In order to turn the Greek around, Abramoff sicced his paid-off congressional pal Bob Ney on the SunCruz operation. In essence, Abramoff and his political cronies acted like classic mafiosi, pressuring a businessman to sell out to the made guys.

Result: Boulis agreed to a deal which allowed him to keep a silent ten percent of the take. Kidan offered a down payment of $23 million, which came in the form of a wire transfer. The transfer turned out to be a phony cooked up at Kinkos.

Enraged by this fraud, Boulis confronted Kidan and physically attacked him, using (of all things) a pen. Kidan acquired a bodyguard, then paid a visit to "Big Tony," an underworld associate.

In the film -- whose makers obviously consulted both Abramoff and Kidan -- Kidan asks Big Tony to deal with Boulis, but not to employ violence. "I abhor violence," says Kidan. Accept that story if you will. As a general rule, fragile souls and lovers of peace rarely ask guys named Big Tony to do their negotiating.

On February 6, 2001, hit men ambushed Gus Boulis in his car.

In the film, we see Big Tony and a junior associate pull off the job personally. (In real life, Kidan blames the killing on a mobster who conveniently died in 2003.) Just before the hit, Big Tony mentions something about a plan to take over the casino boat operation himself, indicating that the decision to commit murder was his and his alone. Although I can't be certain, that line appears to have been looped in after filming was completed. It's the most suspicious and unconvincing moment in the movie, because it absolves Abramoff and his partner.

A "cruise to nowhere" can still make pick-ups. What were these men fighting over? Why were so many inside players -- mobsters and lobbyists and congressfolk -- scrambling to gain control of those casino ships?

One reason is obvious: The gambling operation was, in and of itself, extraordinarily lucrative. But that fact doesn't really explain the hit.

As the film makes (more or less) clear, Boulis and Team Abramoff reached a deal which gave Boulis ten percent. Distribution of the casino profits had been settled. The true bone of contention was the issue of who would run the day to day operations.

Why was that so important?

In the film, Boulis insists on maintaining daily "on site" control because he wishes to secure employment for family members. I don't buy it. The Greek tycoon was worth millions and could easily have secured all kinds of jobs for cronies and relatives.

So what was going on aboard those boats? What made actual command of the ships a life-or-death matter? Why did Kidan ask a guy called Big Tony to take charge of "catering" on those cruises?

If you're a grown-up, one possible answer should have already popped into your mind.

The ships routinely went out beyond U.S. territorial waters and returned without any interference or inspection from the Coast Guard or any other governmental authority. These floating casinos were unregulated, and they carried large amounts of money on a daily basis.

Hypothetically speaking, such an operation could have provided a perfect cover for drug smuggling. Hypothetically.

Now let's take the issue a step further. Why did the Florida authorities go after Gus Boulis with such gusto? The Broward County state attorney was a guy named Michael Satz, derisively nicknamed "Michael Sitz" because he was notorious for sitting on cases involving political corruption. Yet in the late 1990s, the lethargic Mr. Satz went gunning for Boulis with a vengeance -- "Sitzkrieg," as it were.

Were those Floridian officials truly bothered by the possibility that Boulis' citizenship problem might have placed him afoul of an obscure law? Or is it possible that someone in a powerful position coveted his operation?

Now let's take our ship into even stranger seas. Newspapers occasionally publish certain stories which average citizens are later required to flush down the memory hole. In our political culture, facts are considered permissible topics of discussion not when they enter the published record but when they are mentioned day after day by the talking heads on cable news.

Here is a fact reported by Associated Press writer Vickie Chachere on September 26, 2001 -- not long after the attack on the World Trade Center. Although the talking heads will probably never mention Cachere's report, her words deserve remembrance:
SunCruz Casinos has turned over photographs and other documents to FBI investigators after employees said they recognized some of the men suspected in the terrorist attacks as customers.

Michael Hlavsa, chairman of the gambling cruise company, said Wednesday two or three men linked to the Sept. 11 hijackings may have been customers on a ship that sailed from Madeira Beach on Florida's gulf coast.
These visits occurred shortly before the terror attacks, at a time when Abramoff owned the SunCruz ships. That AP story was not the only one of its kind. A flurry of reports appeared in the Florida press linking the 9/11 hijackers to Abramoff's boats.

At that time, those ships were under investigation for money laundering.

If you visit the above-linked website, you'll see a compendium of stories indicating that the 9/11 hijackers spent a lot of time visiting casinos, both on the high seas and in Nevada. These Islamic fanatics don't seem to have had any interest in gambling. Something else was on their minds.

What might that "something" have been? Again, if you are a grown up, one possibility has probably already popped into your cranium -- but just in case that has not happened yet, I'll make matters plain.

Before they hijacked the jets, Mohammed Atta and his crew functioned as stateside representatives for Osama Bin Laden. Bin Laden was a man with heroin for sale. Let's rephrase that: Osama Bin Laden held a controlling influence over the leader of Afghanistan, where much of the world's heroin is grown. Bin Laden also needed large amounts of cash to fund a private army.

As noted in an earlier post:
Al Qaeda was funded by drug money. Drug money must needs be laundered. Casinos have been known to be used for that purpose. Casino ships are unregulated.
To repeat: At the time, those casino ships were under investigation for money laundering.

Clear enough?

Casino Jack and Bin Laden.
It may be possible to find other links between the Abramoff operation and Al Qaeda.

Although Jack Abramoff was and is a devout Jew and a funder of Israeli sniper schools, he also did PR work for a Saudi billionaire named Saleh Abdullah Kamel, chairman of the General Council for Islamic Banks. Kamel sure as hell needed some good PR after newspapers started to discuss his suspected association with Osama Bin Laden.

Kamel has denied any link to Al Qaeda. Even so, he co-founded Bin Laden's bank of choice and was fingered as a sponsor of terrorism in a 2002 United Nations report. A document discovered in Bosnia listed Kamel as a Bin Laden associate. And here's the most interesting link of all: One of Kamel's companies paid (via a third party) the rent for the 9/11 hijackers who lodged in San Diego.

Am I implying that Jack Abramoff knew about the impending disaster or that he sympathized in any way with Islamic terrorists? No. Although I have a somewhat elastic concept of the possible, that notion strikes me as preposterous.

All I'm saying is this: As a general rule, both politics and the drug trade are notorious for creating strange bedfellows.

The germinal phase. Linkages between the worlds of Jack Abramoff and Osama Bin Laden may predate the founding of Al Qaeda.

Early in his career, during his stint with the college Republicans, Jack Abramoff glommed onto Arnaud de Borchgrave and his crowd. If you were alive and politically aware in that period, you will recall the Moon-funded wheeler-dealers who spent the Carter and Reagan years screaming nonsensical conspiracy theories about covert KGB control of the "liberal" media and American foreign policy. (Remember The Spike? Remember the bogus "Bulgarian" plot to kill the Pope?) Casino Jack the documentary goes into some of this; Casino Jack the Hollywood movie does not.

In 1985, Grover Norquist and Jack Abramoff put together a summit of anti-Communist "freedom fighters," many of whom were outright thugs. The "Democratic International" confab was held in, of all places, Angola -- where the Soviet Union and the United States had turned a bloody civil war into a proxy fight between superpowers. The guest of honor at this confab was the CIA's puppet in the Angolan conflict, a charismatic brute named Jonas Savimbi. For more on Savimbi and the CIA, see here and here and here.

(Just to complicate matters, we should note that Savimbi's other sponsor was China, and that he considered himself a Marxist.)

Abramoff later wrote and produced an action film called Red Scorpion, in which a fictionalized version of Jonas Savimbi wins the civil war -- with a little help from Dolph Lundgren. The movie was shot in apartheid South Africa, which funded both Savimbi and, it seems, the film. For a while, Abramoff tried to deny his links to the apartheid regime, even after the more responsible members of the Hollywood community launched protests of Red Scorpion.

Savimbi, at a later date, appears to have established links with Al Qaeda. Those ties emerged from the trade in "conflict diamonds," which are used to fund both Islamic terror and African revolutionary movements. See here and here.

Also attending that 1985 conference in Angola were Nicaraguan contra commanders and leaders of the anti-Soviet mujahadeen. Afghan fighter Abdul Rahim Wardak attended the meeting at Abramoff's invitation.

Although neither Al Qaeda nor the Taliban existed in 1985, this was the period when Osama Bin Laden emerged as the leading organizer of Saudi aide to the Afghan resistance movement. Thus, we can fairly state that Bin Laden and Warduk fought on the same side -- then. The two men now stand in opposition.

This assessment of Warduk is of some interest:
If you enter the circles within the Washington DC Afghani diaspora, and if you get close enough to hear the hushed comments, you’d be able to make out words like ‘corrupt,’ ‘ties to drug-running warlords,’ or ‘Afghan mafia.’ But for some ‘mysterious’ reasons our Central Intelligence Agency and hard-core Neocons within our foreign policy arena had deemed this general ultra special and important...
The CIA's most important operative in Pakistan at this time was Milt Bearden, who worked with Warduk and the Pakistani ISI. He insists that he did not work with Bin Laden:
"I think it is factually false that the U.S. in any way backed Osama and his group of Arabs. I was there. I know who we backed. No reliable official source has ever confirmed that the U.S. program included Osama and his Arabs.....
Many tell a different tale. See, for example, "How the CIA created Osama bin Laden," written shortly after the 9/11 disaster. Der Spiegel has said that Bin Laden was one of the CIA's best customers. Le Monde has asserted that the CIA recruited Bin Laden. Former UK foreign secretary Robin Cook considers Bin Laden a creation of western intelligence agencies. Both Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia and former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds have said that American intelligence aided Bin Laden.

In this context, perhaps we should mention this rather bizarre post from the Cannonfire archives -- a post which references none other than Milt Bearden. Also keep in mind that the CIA instituted "Operation Cyclone" in the 1980s. One of the goals of this program was to give training in the United States to various mujahadeen warriors -- indigenous Afghans, Arab imports, and even U.S.-born "Nation of Islam" types.

Not long after the Soviets pulled out of Aghanistan, the Pakistanis installed the Taliban. That's when General Warduk moved to America and came under the general protection of the neocons. Today, his son runs a defense firm which does work for (of all things) the Drug Enforcement Agency in Afghanistan -- while the elder Warduk is back in his home country functioning as Defense Minister. The Warduks are still in business with Milt Bearden, although no-one seems to know just what they are up to.

For more info on Bearden's Afghan network -- which includes Joe Lieberman's campaign finance director! -- see here.

Has this side-trip through spookland diverted us from the world of superlobbyist Jack Abramoff? Perhaps. And perhaps not.

The name's Abramoff -- Jack Abramoff.
Persistent reports -- unmentioned by either of the Casino Jack films -- hold that, in the 1980s, Abramoff formed subterranean ties to American intelligence. Even though mainstream news stories ignore those ties, you shouldn't consign the notion to the conspiratorial loony bin, because the idea isn't all that controversial.

Ask yourself: Could Jack Abramoff have put together that 1985 conference in Angola (the one which brought together Savimbi, the contras, the mujahadeen and other CIA-backed fighters) without the connivance of the American intelligence community? I don't think so. You just can't do a thing like that unless you have some help from the Company.

After the conference, Jack Abramoff helped put together the International Freedom Foundation, which was funded by South African military intelligence. As this documentary makes clear, South Africa became involved with the Angolan war at the behest of the CIA; in essence, South Africa acted as a cut-out. In its publications, the IFF portrayed Nelson Mandela as a Soviet-backed terrorists, and briefly allied itself with the notoriously racist Western Goals Institute. (Earlier, Abramoff's College Republicans had defended apartheid and denounced all critics of South Africa as KGB propagandists.)

Since that period, Abramoff has often skulked on the outskirts of the covert world.

For example: When he needed a congressperson to put pressure on Gus Boulis, he called upon Bob Ney of Ohio. Although Casino Jack presents Ney as a cluelessly corrupt ninny, he's a rather more interesting fellow than Hollywood would have you believe. According to certain unverified but intriguing reports, American intelligence recruited Ney as a young man. He learned Farsi, worked in Iran, and then ran a security firm in Saudi Arabia -- an odd career path for an Ohio lad in his 20s. Some believe that Ney functioned under "non-official cover" while in these countries, and that his friends in the covert world helped grease his entry into Congress. Although such allegations remain unproven, it is beyond dispute that the Iranians later used Ney as a conduit during a brief period of thawing relations between Tehran and Washington. This fact suggests that Ney had previously established relationships with high-ranking Iranians.

Abramoff's former firm, Greenberg Traurig, is of no little interest, and not only because they have represented Diebold, Jeb Bush and Dubya's campaign in 2000. One of the firm's alumni became head of the Office of Naval Intelligence. We have conflicting reports regarding a possible familial connection between Mel Greenberg, the co-founder of the law firm, and Maurice "Hank" Greenberg, the AIG founder with undeniable ties to both American intelligence and the Bush family. (Anyone hoping to discover more about Mel Greenberg will find the internet strangely uncommunicative.)

Bob Ney was the one who saw to it that an Israeli company called FoxCom (a.k.a. MobileAccess Networks) got the contract to install a wireless LAN in the House and Senate buildings. As I wrote on an earlier occasion:
By applying a liberal dose of grease, Foxcom managed to edge out another firm whose security arrangements had been cleared by the FBI and the NSA. For some reason, the Israeli company really, really wanted to set up the wireless network used by your congressfolk.
That reason (according to cynics such as yours truly) probably has something to do with spying. Here's former CIA officer Phil Giraldi:
Telecommunications security experts note that equipment that can be used to enhance or improve a signal can also be used to redirect the phone conversation to another location for recording and analysis. The possibility that someone in the Israeli Embassy might be listening to congressmen's private phone conversations is intriguing to say the least.
A number of published sources claim that Ney made this deal because Abramoff pushed for it. FoxCom got the contract after making a hefty donation to one of Abramoff's favorite charities.

The Hollywood version of the Abramoff story demurely neglects to mention one word about spying on Congress.

Abramoff also lobbied on behalf of Verizon and other private firms seeking to benefit from a partial privatization of the NSA's eavesdropping systems. One of the chief execs at Verizon is an old CIA hand.

In short: Jack Abramoff appears to be a fellow who has made a few friends in the clandestine world. Much the same can be said about Barack Obama.

In part two -- coming very soon -- we'll detail the Obama/Abramoff connection.
This is all over my head. What I did fix my attention to was, drug running in Florida at the time Jeb Bush was governor of Florida.

George Bush must be a very very very very very rich man.
Abramoff was intimately involved in the elections thefts - both 2000 and 2002 - possible 2004 too.
He was sending directives on how to use wedge issues (abortion, gays) to "inflame the crazies" and bring thm to the polls - and also how to use push polls.
Also, interesting - the scrubbing of the whole internet of the Abramoff/W links and photos. Almost as good as Obama's records scrubbing - school and everything else.
Makes you wonder who did cyber-security for the DoD and State Department that those e-mails and etc were so easily obtained.

I worked with a fellow that was a cryptographer in the service years back. He told me they were issued side arms and ordered to shoot any unauthorized personnel that entered the room when working on the machines.

Apparently things have gotten lax in the all volunteer military.
Good to have you back Mr Cannon. Looking forward to part two.
I am SO happy to have you back. After a while I forgot how much I missed you.

I am so happy you came back Joe! You were sorely missed!
Do we have a Pulitzer for blogging?
Valerie Jarrett.

If Obama has "a few friends in the clandestine world," so must Jarrett?

Expose her and Obama can't function and we can get rid of him. (But she seems terribly well-protected by the media.)

So I am hoping she features in the next installment.

I came up with the intentionally ambiguous search term
Valerie Jarrett cia father
and results sent my head to spinning.

I'm a lousy researcher with the spinning head and all, so I am placing some hope in Joe's work here.
I won’t be able to add information for AFTER Abramoff purchased the business but can add valued information of an attempt to purchase the Casino business in 1996. I was married at that time and the word throughout the family was that “we” were going into the Casino business.

In 1990 I incorporated my own business but prior to doing so, Ray Adreani wanted me to consider another offer. At this family gathering, Ray talked about Gus Boulis. The family and “The Company” have been religiously following Gus’s success. He was considered Golden and everything he touched would be expected to turn into Gold. They followed him throughout his Canadian successes to Florida’s successes. Everything in his world was snooped upon. The offered was to fly me down to Florida. I would be cared for by Company people. There I could spend time with Gus and note how he ran his sandwich business in great detail. The goal was to start something similar in our area. I declined the offer. It wasn’t ever known if Gus was part of The Company or not as it seemed he wasn’t.

In 1996 the family was entertaining offers to partner with Gus’s Casino Boat Business in New York. Gus went to New York and approached the Mafia families for protection with running his business there. My family determined they weren’t interested in the New York business but instead wanted action in the Florida business. During the summer, Abramoff and Kiddan wanted to be partners in the family deal. Ray Adreani asked who these people where and was told they were Lobbyists. He didn’t understand how they made money to guarantee their ownership part would be sound and it didn’t go any further. Banks wanting a part were discussed as well. Negotiations went on for most of the year and ended up where nothing happened.

It’s important to realize that during this time, my family was involved laundering drug money into property since the late 70’s following their first murder. Their connections were the big banks and drug people.

Marty Didier
Northbrook, IL
I had always figured the alleged hijackers went to the casinos to get paid-- not paid for heroin trafficking, but paid for their clandestine activities.

Laundered drug monies could be invisibly (untrackably) passed through to them. Sibel Edmonds' story claims a significant drug trafficking/money laundering faction was involved in the pre-9/11 activities, but this claim and the circumstances Joe details would be as consistent with simple drug money laundering (and paying these guys) as with actual trafficking.

Left unmentioned was 'Big Tony's' status as an FBI informant, which he supposedly shed just before whatever he did in the Boulis hit, plus the contemporaneous placement of the Tonys (Big and Little) within scant feet of the slain Boulis, via their use of their cell phones (and the GPS coordinates available from those call records).

This idea that the day-to-day operations were a key concern of Boulis' is new to me (is there support for this outside of whatever the movie shows?), but in any case, that 'Big Tony' did ANYTHING as to 'catering' appears without evidentiary support (it seems it was only a claimed service, and instead a cover claim for payoff monies). Again, this could be because of laundering of drug profit cash through the boats, and NOT actual drug trafficking, per se.

Weird stuff, no doubt, and you could add in the strong, multi-year efforts of right winger par excellance Grover Norquist to insinuate Moslems into GOP supporting cadres (and whatever else he was really doing in that regard).

Joe, I was a friend of the recently departed director of "Casino Jack," George Hickenlooper. He sent me a copy of Norman Snider's script, which was then called "Bagman," in 2008. That's before our current president was a gleam in the eye of whomever. And you're right--there's too much in the Abramoff story to fit into one movie. But Hickenlooper was just awakening from a long Reaganesque delusion that started in his college days (when he rebelled against his art-hippe/antiwar-protester parents). George wanted to kep pushing forward, but he died Oct. 30--just days before his cousin John was elected governor of Colorado.
Joe, a follow-up on George Hickenlooper, director of "Casino Jack": I just checked the original Norman snider script (registered with the DGA in Nov. '08), and it does contain a line in which Big Tony hints he might muscle into Kidan's investment after the hit on Boulis if the Jew doesn't play ball:

BIG TONY (to LITTLE TONY, as they load their guns): Don't worry about Kidan. He doesn't do what we say, it could be him after.

(I sensed that this project was a real awakening for Hickenlooper, who wasn't as inately suspicious of power as Alex Gibney, the director of the "Casino Jack" documentary. At the premier party at the Toronto filmfest, George bemoaned that under the Bushes, his beloved country had become an oligarchy. Yet I still couldn't get him to believe that the JFK killing was a conspiracy. So even when he finally steered left, he needed training wheels.)

My above post mentioned that the “family” meaning Ray, Bruce and Ken (deceased in 1997) Adreani never mentioned combining drugs with the pursuit of Gus’s Casino business. A timeline involving these issues will surface more.

>1977 – Ray, Bruce and Ken Adreani start laundering drug money into property for the drug system following their first hired hit on a Bank President.
1990 – Option offered to meet Gus and study his sandwich business in Florida
~1992 – Bruce Adreani and Clyde O’Connor start up a drug distribution business in Florida with the help of Barack Obama. Obama was at the time working as an attorney for a “The Company” law firm. Bruce told me he had the best working on setting up their business. The family was worried about telling other family members about their drug business and instead told everyone they went into the farming business. It didn’t take long before the truth surfaced.
1996 – Ken Adreani learns of an opportunity to possibly partner with Gus in a New York Casino boat venture similar to the Florida business. Ken and Bruce meet with Ray Adreani during a family gathering and discuss the details. During this year, the family talks up the possibility of going into the Casino business and later in the year decide not to go forward. Both Abramoff and Kiddan wanted to be partners along with the Adreani’s. There were also a few Banks wanting the same. Ray Adreani isn’t comfortable with Abramoff and Kiddan as lobbyist’s partners. They changed their focus for wanting the Florida business but Gus said no. My wife and brother-in-law told me shipping drugs was a serious focus. My wife also explained about Bruce and Clyde’s business mostly focusing on major shipments of drugs along with stolen children, human trafficking and organs and more. Bruce and Ken also explained the other businesses beyond drugs as well. During this year and the time leading up details about a White House Coup, President Assassinations, 911, Detention Camps then called Prisons and other situations were explained in detail. Also who were involved included Cheney, Bush family, Clintons, Big Financial Groups, Secret Societies and others.
1997 – Ken Adreani is more very talkative to anyone. He has been seriously warned of being to open with everyone about family and The Company business. This was taken by me as more than a warning, as I witnessed my wife and Bruce warn him too! After separating from his wife and moving into a Condo, he’s soon found dead in the early morning and ruled as normal causes. Ray Adreani (father) isn’t satisfied and orders a separate autopsy. Family members including myself are more than suspicious and allege he was murdered by a connection that now is felt to include his older brother and The Company.

So the question was Gus involved in shipping drugs with his Casino Boat business. My answer is I don’t know after following Gus closely over the years I lean more towards saying NO he wasn’t. But was Abramoff and Kiddan involved, again I say I don’t know but do learn towards saying YES. There is probably more that could have been written today but I’ll leave that for another time.

During 1998 after numerous attempts on my life by “The Company” and those linked to the drug system I became a “Federal Level Whistleblower”.

Marty Didier
Northbrook, IL
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