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Monday, December 06, 2010


I met a traveller through antique blogs
Who said: “A vast and cheeto-colored trove
Is Google-accessible. In '08, the progs --
Haughty, power-mad, resembling Rove --
Told all to bow before an ad which flogs
An image Photoshopped by someone chic.
They read into that face a promise bright:
The change we long for and the HOPE we seek.
And then a half-term senator, resume-free,
Said: “I am Obamandias, bringer of light:
You all have been waiting for us -- for ME!”
Nothing of that remains. It wasn’t real.
From that colossal ego we must flee.
We need new blood and a new NEW DEAL.”

(Apologies to the shade of Shelley. Anyone may reprint the poem or image without asking my permission. I'd appreciate a link back to this site -- or maybe here. Incidentally, "Obamandias" is pronounced OH-bah-MAN-dee-yass.)

Update: This piece of tripe on Salon pooh-poohs the "dump Obama" movement, claiming that our Dear Leader remains beloved of Dems. To prove the point, the writer glowingly quotes Andrew Sullivan, who is here proffered as a spokesperson for All Democrats Everywhere.

Andrew Freaking Sullivan. The cheerleader for Dubya, the Iraq war, Ron Paul and libertarianism. For some reason, establishment pundits keep trumpeting this man as someone important, as someone who counts, as someone worth reading. Damned if I know why.

Salon says that Andrew Sullivan represents you. Does he?
I just want to say I clicked on the Salon piece and started to read it. I just couldn't get through that crap article. I'm glad you read it, so I don't have to....I looked at the four things and they are laughable. I am so sick of everyone trying to tell us how we're supposed to think and feel. I'm not that stupid!
BRAVO!!! poete extraordinaire!!!!

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