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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Let's call 'em "The Kos Kuts"

I just received a spam email from the "campaign director" of the Daily Kos. They want to mount a campaign to support Bernie Sanders' potential filibuster of the Great Obama Tax Cave-in.
With the Daily Kos community voting 3-1 in opposition to the deal, we need to show our support for the progressive members of Congress who are not caving. Give them that support now by signing our petition, and sending words of encouragement.
By all means, let's support the Congressfolk who oppose Obama on this -- but for crying out loud, don't let the Daily Freakin' Kos take credit.

More than any other single internet entity, Daily Kos is responsible for creating the Obama cult. Everyone knows that Markos Moulitsas' wildly popular forum functioned as an extension of the Obama campaign, continually publishing smears and distortions and Fox-like attacks directed against any perceived foe of the splendiferous Mister O.

In a sense, Moulitsas bears as much responsibility as Obama does for the deal to keep those millionaire tax cuts in place. Headline writers refer to those cuts as "Bush cuts. Maybe we should call them "Kos Kuts."

That's why we need to get the "New Deal" movement up and going. (And rest assured: Things are happening.) We need a force to reform the Democratic party. Markos Moulitsas -- Obama's Jagger-lipped former bedmate -- has no right to lead that charge.

Speaking of the New Deal...

Turns out that some folks really like the first design, and some really like the second. You think we can somehow use both?

Also: Obama's symbol also uses the sunrise motif. I'm not sure if that's a problem

In a speech, Abraham Lincoln once noted that painters cannot easily differentiate a rising sun from a setting sun. Look again at Obama's symbol: I think we all now know which way the sun is going.
I like both logos, but prefer the "New Deal, let's fight back" better. I like bold red and blue colors with geometric patterns in conflict. I think we know that it won't be a sunshine feel good task, but a push back.
The second is better because of the "Let's fight back." The first reminds me of Reagan's "Morning In America."
I personally think anything that reminds me of the Obama O-logo is not good...
Definitely the second. "Let's fight back" clears up any ambivalence about the direction(s) of the arrows.
Your designs are great, Joe. I wouldn't be surprised if the design with the central peak will strike the crazies as Japanese, or symbolic of evil or somesuch. Glenn Beck will find it very threatening. Of course, we have to decide if we care what the crazies think.
I tend to prefer the blue sun-rise logo. The red & blue logo is a little too "busy" for my taste - the impact isn't immediate for me, it takes a second or two for me to figure out what's going on (but.. I'm not the most visually inclined person). On the flip side, the Obama logo & the sunrise logo share a troubling similarity. Ideally, the image itself should communicate a separate-ness from Obama and his ilk. If the movement gains traction, everybody will be keen to hop on the bandwagon and co-opt it. The more distinct the message at it's inception, the more resilient it will be to co-option.
I agree with JJ aka Minkoff Minx -- we don't want anything to remind people of Zero's logo. A more formidable contrast, as in the second sign, will get voter's attention. I don't want to have to argue for anything that resembles the Smurf logo as the stronger alternative in '12.

Also: Obama's symbol also uses the sunrise motif. I'm not sure if that's a problem

Whatever makes you think the "O-go" is a sunrise?????
"Obama's Jagger-lipped former bedmate"

Do I even want to Google that or ask you about it?
DK: I spoke poetically.
As far as Obama's "sun" symbol is concerned I think it looks more like a big doughnut hole. To me it looks hollow just like Obama, a big "O", like "0" as in ZERO!
I realize I was out of the loop yesterday,but I'm for the red/blue logo. I think it's more forceful. The pyramid is just okay with me.
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