Friday, November 19, 2010

The Cannon mystery: All is revealed!

Go here, and watch the video. I'm into making videos now.

Will I return? Yes, for reasons which the video should make obvious. Once you see that presentation, you will understand why I may even pretend to be a nice person this time around. (Long-time readers will see through this pose.)
Looks Awesome Joe! I can't wait. You've suckered me for a autographed hard copy.

Funny thing is I didn't even start reading comics until this year, when Joss Whedon sucked me back in to the world of Buffy. Chalice looks like it draws a few inspirations from Buffy(high school as hell) but looks to be infinitely more interesting, what with the politics and media.

I can't wait.
Chalice looks very cool. I would contribute if I had any money. Good to see you blogging again.
I am SO in. Will plug it on my blog and the eeevil FB later tonight!
What can I say except -- thank you!
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