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Monday, November 29, 2010

About the Wikileaks document dump

A quick thought about the doc dump:

In the past, fiction writers and conspiracy buffs have toyed with scenarios in which a hired assassin poses as a serial killer. In theory, a targeted assassination will not be perceived as such if it occurs as part of a series of seemingly random and motive-free crimes.

The doc dump may present us with a real-life equivalent of that situation. Most of the documents are piffle. A few will reveal important things. But somewhere in the pile will be the set of documents; their revelation serves a distinct political purpose. Those few pages are the real reason why the entire flood occurred.

Perhaps the key pages are the ones which reveal that Hillary Clinton asked diplomats to spy...? This revelation certainly will embarrass the Secretary of State.

If this theory has merit, then we may suspect that the person or persons who engineered the flood are anti-Clinton forces within the Obama administration or the intelligence community.
Only in your most vivid dreams, for everyone knows that you are a Hillary hater.

Fact check shows that the St. Dept. "spying" directive commenced in the Bush Administration. I would have assumed that you know this. Of course you do, Hillary hater.
Ah! The very first anonymous coward crazy person of my return stint! What took you so long? Where ya been?
Glad to have you back!
"But somewhere in the pile will be the set of documents; their revelation serves a distinct political purpose."

A NYT headline reads:

Around the World, Distress Over Iran

Say no more, nudge, nudge. Know what I mean?
Bingo, Joseph! This has got Obama for 2012 written all over it. It makes Hillary look bad and provides cover for Obama in one fail single swoop. Since many pundits are saying that only a situation of national security will enable his success for reelection, combined with the lowest approval ratings and the midterm loss, its the only way Obama can regain favor with progressives while allow himself breathing room to escalate war. Keep in mind that although Obama hasn't stated publicly that he will not withdraw troops in Aug 2011, him making this fact public has been appearing in the news recently.

Welcome back!
While I do believe the info release can be exploited in different ways (including the one you suggested), I doubt that was the purpose of the actual release.
Often, spies are given diplomatic credentials and work out of embassies. This is handy because then if they are caught, they cannot be prosecuted (having diplomatic immunity), and are simply deported, more or less.

So this is essentially assumed of all diplomatic missions, that they include spies who spy. Unless it was thought that THEY do this, but that WE would never do it, which is an unlikely assumption except for naive Americans.

Accordingly, I doubt this is much of a surprise to the world, or much of a disgrace to the SecState Clinton. Slight embarrassment at most, but one that enhances Clinton domestically more than harms her.

I take back my comment, although its content is true.

Evidently, a line was crossed contrary to custom in having diplomats do the kind of spying they were asked for, and it has led to some blowback.

As if on cue, the usual suspects ask whether Clinton needs to resign, so it appears there may be more to Joe's speculation/theory than I had thought.

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