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Monday, February 15, 2010

Well, it's sexy to ME...

(Normally, non-political posts appear on the weekend. I'm being naughty.)

One can only agree with lambert's observation that society collapsed into utter debauchery when Billboard magazine chose Olivia Newton-John's Physical as the sexiest song ever. But my own pick for that spot probably wouldn't seem sexy to many of you -- at least at first.

This is the "Roi de Thule" ballad from Berlioz' Damnation of Faust. The aria introduces us to Marguerite, who is supposed to be a beautiful young virgin dreaming of perfect love. Before the night's over, Faust sort of changes all that.

But forget the story, forget the staging, forget the words to the song. Listen to the music itself -- just the music, banishing all other thoughts from your consciousness -- and you'll hear what Berlioz was really going after: From the BA-thump BA thump heartbeats at the beginning, to the softly orgasmic Ahhhh at the end, and that lovely rhythmic rocking motion in between.

You know, some new lyrics, some different orchestration -- maybe there could be a pop version of this. Do they still allow actual melodies in popular music? I've kinda been out of it, so I don't know what's permissible these days....
The sexiest music,imo, is Salome by Richard Strauss, and The Dance of the Seven Veils is the sexiest part. It's rare for an Opera singer to do justice to the music, but I saw Ewing on stage, and she displayed a raw passion that is not as visible on video.
I'd go with Mysterium --At least in theory, since Nemtin's version is kinda weak (though I remember you poo pooing Alexandre Scriabi,Joeseph) but how can you do better than a marathon session, three days long, where no one is a spectator, all are participants!

But that is some sexxy tuneage, Joe
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