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Saturday, February 27, 2010


The post below about Bunning's belligerence confirms everyone's suspicion that the overall GOP plan is to wreck the American economy under Obama's watch. The idea is create a Democratic version of Herbert Hoover, who will then usher in a couple of decades of unassailable Republican dominance. (Oddly enough, Obama himself seems to be down with this.)

But in order to make that trick work, the Republicans are going to have to repair the economy -- at least to some degree -- once they get back into office. The only ideologically permissible jobs program will involve military Keynesianism, funded by yet more massive debt. That's how Reagan did it.

Of course, the right will need to prepare the way for that course of action with a propaganda barrage designed to portray America as militarily weak. A similar barrage flooded the media starting in 1977-1978.

If my suspicions are correct, then you should expect the new barrage to hit at some point during 2010 and 2011. The propaganda blitz will start with a flurry of alarming reports from the Army War College and similar institutions. These reports will pretend that the American infantry is still using muskets, the Air Force is still flying King Kong-style bi-planes, and the Navy is still sailing three-masted frigates. "And that's why we need to double our investment in weapons development now now now."

Or so we will be told. Watch it happen.
I like to tell myself that Americans won't fall for it again. Our poor country :(
Well, back during the Eisenhower administration road-building was all the rage... I'm not sure that militarized Keynesianism of the Reagan era is going to be repeated, defense spending is very high already as it is. And with populism being as high as it is, unless the GOP steps up to the plate and satisfies at least part of it, the anti-gov't sentiment will drift leftward once the GOP is in office.

But the big question is why is the Democratic Party itself so hell-bent to make Obama look like the second coming of Herbert Hoover. Sure, the GOP wants him to fail. But Obama is capable of failing entirely on his own.
Team B lives? :(
This isn't about the republicans, they are a constant, sabotaging the Democrats is what they do. It's what they have always done post Watergate.
This is about Democrats that are too stupid, too scared or too far into the pocket of corporations to govern.
I'm sorry but they deserve to go down in flames.
Judases, the lot of them, standing in a circle stabbing each other in the back, scrambling like pigs at the trough to get that last bit of silver from the Pontius Pilates that really run America.
Joseph, it seems your view is that the Democrat's work is being frustrated by the GOP, but I don't believe it. I think it's the good cop bad cop strategy. The Democrats are very happy to appear frustrated, knowing full well both parties work for the same masters. It's all theater. As horrible as it is for millions to be without health care, I'm afraid that's a better outcome than paying the insurance companies outrageous premiums and tax dollars for a half decent health care. It's obscene what the Democrats are pushing -- a tribute to insurance companies.
Gotta agree with Anonymous who says they're in bed together.
Something akin to Team B operated during the Clinton administration, its members included Rumsfeld and other future luminaries of the Bush administrations, and the conclusions they drew pointed toward a need to massive investment in space warfare and missile defenses.

But the intent of that was not job creation or even fattening the wallets of defense contractors. Just look at how many programs Cheney axed as SecDef in the GHWB administration, and how many programs Rumsfeld killed during his tenure as GWB's SecDef. The objective is the creation of reliable first-strike nuclear capability, against the Soviets in the '80s and against the both the Russians and the Chinese in the last generation. Any profiteering was purely incidental, a collateral benefit, but not the goal. They are very particular as to what they want to spend that money on.
I don't know what to say about these people, so I'll just harken back to olden times and say: "far out, man!"
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