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Thursday, February 18, 2010

I was called a racist in 2008...

...even though I voted for an African American presidential candidate before some of the most fervent Obots were born. Let me show you why:

(Thanks to lambert for the reminder.) Give me a real Democrat again, and I'll vote for him if he's black, white, chartreuse, transparent or infrared.
All the best people got called racist in 2008. That was the death of the Democrats right there.
That's a speech that could be given today. That's a speech that should be given today. Because that's what the Democratic Party, the one I've belonged to since I could vote always stood for: the working class, the middle class, the ordinary American, who expects and deserves a fair shake. Not the grifters on Wall St. Not the insurance companies or Big Pharma or the hundreds of other special intersts that have elbowed their way in line, demanding and getting first dibs.

This was a party to be proud of. This was the party I thought I knew before I, too, was called a racist, a whore, a deadender, a bitch.

I want my party back, damn it!
"I want my party back, damn it!"
Naw! the 'bots, Nancy, Harry, and Rahm can keep it and I'll keep the money I was going to send them for 2010.
Thank you for posting this video reminder of what the Democratic Party used to stand for. It's heartbreaking.

"I, too, was called a racist, a whore, a deadender, a bitch."

And then you were told to get over it!
I voted for Shirley Chisholm once upon a time. Yeah, I'm that old. I, too, would fit and did fit the racist label-- and I got it from people I had known for years and from complete strangers-- just because I preferred a real Democrat instead of the GOP-lite monster we have.
Me too. Most folks know I live in the ninth ward in New Orleans. If I wouldn't vote for a black person, I'd never get the opportunity to vote at all. I've voted for black mayors, black city council men, black congressmen, black state senators and legislators, black DAs, all up and down the ticket. I've worked on local races for black candidates. That term was thrown around like a string of cheap beads on Mardi Gras. It'll come back and bite some in the ass too. Every one groans when they hear it now so when it's aptly applied, it'll be ignored. Damn shame!
I remember JJ in a televised debate during the primary campaign. He knocked the socks off his opponents. By the way, who was the dem candidate that year? JJ is the only one I remember.
God, that speech brings back tears - of joy, of hope, of pride.

I'm so glad I voted for Jesse Jackson in the primaries. I just wish he had won the nomination.

Can anyone pipe this into the White House and play it over and over until they get the message?

Was that 1988? I think that's the year I caucused for Jackson. And (I've never caucused for a winner) Dukakis was the nominee that year.
My God, this is depressing to watch. I volunteered for Jackson in 88 and happily cast my second presidential vote for him.
In 207/8 I said to my friends that Obama was a fake and I got laughed at and called names. I also said that if people were so gung ho for voting a black guy they should have voted for Jesse Jackson.
I have had the privilege of meeting Jesse Jackson in 2008 when he visited my city( I live in England). He's a good person. He cares about poor people of all damn colours becase he gets it.

But alas, Jesse is too black, too angry, too scary to appeal to the stupid college kids and latte liberals that shoved Obama on the world's throat.
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