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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Bella's Birthday

On this date in 2001, around 4 a.m. on a very very very wet morning, a new family member -- lost, soaked, miserable and collar-free -- bounded into my life. Ever since, this date has been known as Bella's Birthday.

(I've been told that February 14 may be known as something else in other households.)

Back then, if I took Bella to a park at night and let her romp freely, she would run in wide circles and figure 8s for nearly an hour, running for the joy of running until her tongue seemed long enough to trip over. Now, she can't keep up that pace for more than a few minutes. Nevertheless, she remains, as you see, a mighty Hell-Hound.

For her birthday, she received a big bowl of chicken. So how do you plan to celebrate Bella's Birthday?
I'm raising a can of Yuengling Lager in a toast to her continued good health.
Then it's back to shoveling snow and cleaning Malamute barf off the rug.
Besides being disgustingly cute and way too happy, why are the bangs covering the eyes?
Congrats, Mike! Malamutes are great dogs. I wish I lived in a place large enough to keep a dog like that.

Although I understand that you may not be able to keep a Malamute in a household with smaller pets. Akitas are much the same.
Alessandro, that's considered a "look" in Havanese world. Besides, she hates scissors.
The dog was a "gift" to us from our son, he shares the house with a barn cat, also from the same child.
For the most part they get along well though the dog has gotten a little too rough at times. Malamutes seem to be good at eating anything they're not supposed to, including locusts, instead of their dog food.
He is one of the light colored ones and turns heads when ever we are out for a walk or a poop.
Happy birthday, Bella, and many happy returns of the day.

Carolyn Kay
I will toast you and yours for showing such care and concern for another of earth's lifeforms.

We have four - yes, four - animal companions that we found on our doorstep, starving, terrified, close to death.

Three have already forgotten their early and terrifying life... the fourth is well on the way to that.

If another comes along? Well, the family will just get bigger.
Kind of looks like a shiztsu, which is why I was questioning the long locks. They have really neat eyes.
Ah, Sandro, you bring up such memories. We had a Shi for a while when I was young, at a time when they were rare in this country.

Mom kept the dog's head-hair in a top knot, which I considered undignified for a boy dog. But it did reveal the eyes.
Oh, Joseph....there are worse trends for boys/boy-dogs than ponytails!

But, anyhow, that is a gorgeous picture of Bella! And I am sharing chickenwings with my doxie in celebration!

Bob, how wonderful. That is how we got our cats. Alas, now, I can't taken in any, since my dachshund is super prey-driven.

Joseph, I never know what "birthday" to celebrate for my adopted dog...since the vet placed his birth between Nov-Dec, but we adopted him from the shelter in May...
Bella is BEAUTIFUL! And she looks so happy. That makes me happy!
Happy Birthday to Ms. Bella Cannon.
I suddenly felt compelled to see if your dog has all four paws off the ground.

Then, to compound things, I noticed the article before has a picture of an elephant with its tongue hanging out.....
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