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Tuesday, February 02, 2010


You know, the time may be coming for a readership upheaval. I've had a few. Once again, my heart isn't in my writing, and a large part of that has to do with the fact that I don't like the people I'm talking to.

Third party? No way.

GOP talking points? Not buying.

Tea partiers? All that tea seems to have stained their shirts brown.

Applauding GOP electoral successes? In the immortal words of Dana Carvey as Bush the elder: Na ga daw.

Should I retreat to the lazy man's mantra: "Both parties are the same"? No. Both parties are way too similar, that I'll grant. The bad party is bold and the not-quite-as-awful party is timid: I'll grant that too. But it remains the case that there are some Democrats (perhaps many Democrats) and no Republicans whose values reflect mine.

The GOP has its act together. No denying it. It's an act that I've opposed all my life.

I can't break bread with the delusional rabid dogs who think that Obama is a socialist. Any movement that fronts Andy Breitbart and his spooky little pals can count me as lifelong enemy.

A large part of me is so sick -- and so fearful -- about the resurgent Republican party, a party that is now proudly more fascist and more gonzo than ever before -- that I can't help but veer towards the "enemy of my enemy is my friend" POV.

On the other hand, there ain't no way I'm cozying up to the Obot creeps who sent me death threats throughout 2008. Forgiving that shit would be masochistic, and a masochist I ain't.

That said, I'm starting to get the feeling that what's coming after Obama will be so bad, so thunderously destructive to all political decency, that the day may come when even the folks over at the Confluence would be willing to sacrifice their first-born offspring to Bael in order to relive the halcyon (in retrospect) days of 2009.

I mean, for chrissakes, did you ever think that "socialism" would be a political issue in this day and age?

Sorry, folks, but there are times when you really must choose the lesser of two evils. If Hitler invades Russia then we must support Stalin, despite the fact that Stalin is a detestable murderous psychotic jerk.

Did I or did I not call the shot in December of 2008?
I maintain that the day will come, and will come soon, when Democrats will regret dissing the Clinton wing of the party. I predict that Barack Obama will one day be seen as the worst thing ever to happen to the Democratic party.
It's gonna get worse before it gets better. A lot worse.

I wish it wasn't so, but if wishes were horses then beggars would ride.
I did my part and voted for six (more and better?) Democrats today.
It will play into the worst of all scenarios, but I don't think I will vote this year - and maybe not again in 2012.

And I was a lifelong Dem who gave the max I could to every Dem I could.

But I can't anymore.
We are up against it, no doubt. For the time being, however, returning some balance to the government is my priority. Having Dems dominate under BOfus/Reid/ Pelosi is really bad news.
I did mine also, and voted for Hillary six four times. Still didn't win. C'est la..
I'm with myiq2xu, it is going to get worse before it gets better. And I don't know what to do about it.

I'm not a Republican, and in fact I disagree with everything they stand for. I'm from Nevada and I know Harry's going down in November and I'm depressed as hell that one of the Republicans now running will be replacing him. Not an original thought between them. I thought of registering R just so I could vote in the primary, but there isn't enough soap and hot water to get that stench off me.

But I also feel so disconnected from the Democratic Party that I despair daily. Really I do. I take no pleasure in the fact that they are probably going to lose their majority in Congress in 2010. Damn, I was a 50-state strategy field organizer, for crying out loud. But what do we do when the Democratic Party has so thoroughly sold us down the river?

Worse, even if I wanted to defend them, they aren't giving me any material. Gawd, it was hard enough when I was working as a field organizer, but back then the Dems were in the minority. Everything we did was to get them the much vaunted majority. We did it. And all through the times we worked for them, we choked back our frustration when Dems didn't stand up for Democratic values and rolled over for the Republicans. Still we soldiered on and they got all three brass rings. And what did they do with it? Rolled over, just like they did when they were in the minority.

I wanted so desperately to be wrong about Obama. I so wanted the Dems to run with the mandate they'd been given. I wanted them to have a plan and a message to back it up. I get no pleasure in what is happening to the Dems at all.

But it doesn't help to say to the coworker, "If you think this is bad, just wait until the Republicans are back in charge."

Because from where I sit, it doesn't look like they ever weren't in charge.
I am hoping that the Dems will have learned a little more about how to play the "bipartisan" game by the time the Repugs take over. That is all that will save us. Obstruct! Don't let any crazy shit through.

I doubt it though. They get so damned upset when neocons call them names. They must prove they want to be friends. Besides, republicans do not have any problem shoving crap through without a supermajority.

I've been a liberal all my life, and I truly detest everything Republicans stand for. And that includes two of my brothers. But, I am sick to death of these sissies we elect to serve as Democrats. They are destroying the aprty and the country. Cannot blame the republicans this time. If Democrats cared, they could do anything last year. They wasted the whole year sucking tp to a bunch of creeps.

I changed my affiliation from Democrat to independent after the primary in 2008, and for the first time in my life I voted for a Republican. I still feel dirty. But, I really could not vote for Obama. I am still angry at having my party stolen.

I am ready for a third party, because no way can I join the republicans, and while I agree there are good democrats left out there. They are getting fewer, and even those I hold in high regard have been pretty disappointing lately.

I agree that both parties are not the same but their "results" are identical: corporate return.

Do I want to be bullied or do I want to be ignored?

Both parties are giving nothing but poverty to the people. The question is, how do I want it served.

Sorry, not good enough for me. I'm still fool enough to think this is America and it isn't supposed to be this way.
When G.W. was at his zenith of power, I dreamed and prayed that the results of his policies were made evident while he was still president. When it was clear that the economy would tank badly, I knew the time was ripe to correct all wrongs. 2008 destroyed all my hopes when the Democratic leadership shoved Obama to run against McCain. I will never forgive the party that destroyed the best chance to correct policies going back to the Reagan years. I will vote for Democrats in local elections, but I will not send a Democrat to Washington. Obama is the face of what is wrong with the Democrats in Washington, but except for a few, like Boxer, they are all rotten. If I have to vote for a Republican in November to get rid of that clique, I will do it.
I proudly cast my vote for McCain/Palin for President. I thought they were the most liberal candidates running for the job. Now, I shudder at the thought of the Republicans regaining the House and/or the Senate. They had their shot and more than did their part to destroy our country.

Obama isn't on the right side of the issues and if you couple him with a Republican Congress I am going to be petrified with what they will do. Throw in a rogue and radical Supreme Court and we've got the potential to lose everything. Civil liberties, Social Security, all social safety nets, even more of our jobs, medicare, etc. We are just not moving in the right direction.

Republicans are not interested in governing. Never have been and never will be. All they are interested in is power and money. That is it. Unfortunately, Obama looks to be exactly the same. I don't see him as running any kind of interference against a Republican Congress. I am interested in who the Republicans are going to run for Pres next time. There is always the hope that they'll run somebody really great and the Dems will retain both houses. We'll see but I am not optimistic.
I've only voted Democratic. I wonder if a Ron Paul-like figure who isn't racist and whatever else he is can join all the Independents and disaffected Democrats together and bring us to the polls by 2010 or 2012. It's the only hope right now unless we can change Obama's course pronto.
We get the government we deserve.
If you have a skill that you can use overseas it's time to bail on the Big PX.
You know the repubs will turn it into Jesusland or something like that.
The scandal?
The repubs will turn Tony Rezko or Rod Blagojevich.
Ron Paul?

I'd rather take my chances with Obama.
Anyone think a Mike Bloomberg will run in 2012?
The last two posts have left me more depressed than ever. The thought of the GOP advancing once again is atrocious.

And this time they will be more heavily laden with the Fundamentalists from C Street who will more than likely hold key positions throughout the administration.

They are getting closer to what their design of over 30 years ago had promised. As close to a theocracy as possible. Scary.
We needed a superlative leader; no such luck. The democrats have squandered their opportunity and they deserve to be voted out. All the same, I'm kind of amazed at the readiness of voters to hand the reins back to the GOP after only a year.

I was either depressed or enraged for Bush's entire tenure so I know what my future is. I guess it'll be happening even sooner than I expected.
Wasn't Ron Paul against the bankers and war and for the Constitution and civil liberties? Anyway, someone who can join Democrats and Independents.
Hear! Hear! I'm proud that I didn't vote for McCain but I'm not sure that Obama is personally to his left. However, Obama's cabinet is better than anything McCain would have put together.

I just think we're in for a horrible time. This is a white hot class war we're in the middle of and the rich, well, they'll always be with us, y'know. Not anything we can do about that. They are going to fight tooth and nail to get as much as they can away from us. And I don't know why either. I don't know what the mental breakdown is that provokes such greed, but clearly, the mentally ill are in charge of the upper class.

A friend of mine says that the rich breed for maximum sociopathy. You can certainly see the fruits of that now.
Reading these kind of posts reminds me of just how technology truly is an integral part of our lives in this day and age, and I am 99% certain that we have passed the point of no return in our relationship with technology.

I don't mean this in a bad way, of course! Societal concerns aside... I just hope that as memory becomes less expensive, the possibility of downloading our brains onto a digital medium becomes a true reality. It's a fantasy that I daydream about almost every day.

(Posted on Nintendo DS running [url=]R4i SDHC[/url] DS BB)

I despise this phrase as I previously lived near a cemetery with over 100,000 non-surrendered French souls. However, it seems the most appropriate description to the variety of comments I'm seeing here lately.

I don't care that you are depressed and maybe not getting enough sun-lit hours.

I don't care if you wish some imaginary 3rd party was in power or even available to vote for.

I don't care that you don't worship the chosen-one or some of his followers, duplicitous as they may be.

What I do care about is that you have the psychological stamina to withstand a little competition and psych-ops from operatives of a certain other political party who do not share the majority of your beliefs. Are you the same dabblers and naysayers that caused US to lose the election in 2000? Because while the parties might be similar, this meme is defeatist and only really empowers one side in this equation. Joseph's predictions might come true, but if the attitude doesn't change of many here, they will come true.
Sure our leaders suck. But so do today's progressives.

It is a chilling thought that most most of our fellow progressives honest-to-God thought Obama would be a terrific President. Commenters at HuffPo are still cheerfully prattling about what a great job Obama and the gang are doing.

I ask of thee--how on earth are we going to fix anything with progressives as dumb as this?

If I were to join the next progressive movement, I'd keep wondering if the guy next to me is the little pr*ck who called me a racist during the primary.
How can you not want a third party to have some success in this of all years?

seriously, for how long did you contemplate this? two seconds? When did you contemplate this? Ever?

If not now, when?

What a waste of intelligence.
I hear ya Joe-- who would want to be the ringleader in this three-ring Fellini film that has become your comment section (without Ekberg nor Anouk Aimée)? SIBPATS, Turd Parties, Balls on your nose... Shit you even got people proud to have voted Palin (at least while you talked about it, you didn't do it). If I were you I would pack my bags, but what's an obsessive going to do? Walk your dog and mind your own?

The one good thing to come out of all of this is a line I just read; it said that ACORN slammed the planes into WTC7. See, that made it worth it. Almost.

And the only hope I now have for USA is for it to break apart. Like the novelist Bruce Stirling writes (not a great writer, but heck of a prognosticator) in most of his books-- amidst the rising shorelines and Cat-8 tornadoes, there's an utter breakdown of US government. The USAF holds "bake sales" on the highways which are basically shakedowns, people are outfitted in paper jumpsuits (after their homes have been ruined from climate extremes) and it's all state by state, no rules, as it has all fallen apart. And now that is the best I can hope for America. I can only hope that the whole country breaks apart and the GOP, Blue Dogs, Liberals, Fascists et al. all go away, and get replaced by State based religious swing voters, Snake handlers, Shakers, corporatists, libertarians, Christian Democrats, Shiias, Birchers, Larouchites, and anyone else who wants to enter the big top fray....

You pays your ticket, you takes your chances, n'est ce pas?
Sandro, I've read a whole lot of history. And lived through rather more of it than I suspect you have.
It WILL get worse, but then it WILL get better. After all, the legacy parties trade places, so OF COURSE an R regime will be coming again. See e.g. --
HCR is on the one yard line so Pelosi should sign it. But it's going to be very unpopular w/o a public option to non-Obama fans. I voted for Gore and hated anyone who voted for Nader. But now I understand them. Wasn't it mathematically proven it wasn't Nader's fault?It was Gore and Brazile's for distancing themselves from Clinton's economic successes and for being a boring candidate. Brazile lost two elections now for the same reason - CDS. The psyops and competition are from Democrats. Brazile and Democrats lost both elections.
I think I have a slightly different idea of what is going on. The population hates the Republicans. Hate them. The anger is currently directed at Democrats because they have kissed the butt of bankers, big military, and ignored anyone who is struggling in this economy. Officeholders who expect to survive this election season are going to have to go populist and that includes both parties. Big business R's and D's are going to have a really bad time of it because the voters want them out. The media is clueless because they have groupthink with their owners which will continue to shrink their viewer and readership.

And just one more random thought, the parties trying to control who can run in a primary and rigging it with money for one of their toadies to win is also hitting a brick wall. Bucking either party will be seen as a good thing.

and your point is?

If not a third party now, then when? And keep in mind the third party won't be a clique, but rather a motley crew of do gooders come to save the United States from itself.
It was mathematically proven that 2000 WAS Nader's fault. Click the link in the story, which goes to an old Cannonfire post.

And don't go mouthing off about CDS while trashing Gore. I like both Clintons but I like Al Gore better.

Point is, Sandro, I've seen a lot of people talk about belling the cat.

I voted yesterday in the Illinois primary and although I am ANGRY at the party that I've devoted my entire adult life to, I voted Democrat anyway.

I despise the Republican Party (yes despise)and everything they stand for. Although I do not believe in the myth that is The Jesus, I despise anyone who uses it as a club to bash me upside the head with their Moral superiority, only to find out how much of a douche bag that so-called "Morality soldier" really is!

I refuse to believe that these so-called Christians have the best interest of the people in mind when too many times it is in the case of SC's Lt. Gov, that feeding the poor is wrong because they "Breed!"

I could go on and on Joe but I wont. Yes I am angry at my party. Yes I speak out against the fraud that is Obama and even though I have thought about, and even said it on many occasions, leaving my Democratic party, I have not nor will I.

How quick do we forget what the Republicans have done to our country. How quick do some forget how the 2000 election was stolen by a few men in black robes while we the people stood by and watched it happen. How quick we forget how Bush and co. lied us into a war of profit while the sheep stood by and the the corporate media band played on! quick some forget!

Myiq is right. It's going to get worse before it gets better but nothing can ever make Republican bullshit taste like prime rib...NOTHING!!!!!!!!
RD62, you and I are on the same page.
Wow. Talk about depressing. Folks, we are better than all that. Yes, we need someone at the head to turn things around but I believe someone will rise to the occasion and become the voice of the real Democrats. I have my candidates but what I think matters not-- it's what they do that counts.

So, support the doers, not the talkers, and we may get somewhere.
For the GDS'ers among you, go over to Bob Somerby's new blog and read how the media elected George W. Bush. Google "how he got there".
The question I have is that after getting Bush elected then re-elected why did they switch to Barack Obama?
Did their puppet masters tell them or is their CDS that bad?
OK, it is for Olbermann and Matthews.
Good grief.

Listen to you people. You hate the other side so much you are puking in your plates. And the worst part is it doesn't matter which side you are on. And the idea of a new party makes you mess your pants.

You have been played for fools by your own party leaders for decades, and now - depending on your idiotic party affiliation - you want to blame either the Dems or the Repubs... doesn't matter which.

No damn wonder we have the government we do, loaded with sellouts controlled by foreigners. They were all voted in by idiots.

You people who voted for Mr. smooth talker will never learn. But who can blame you? McCain was even worse.
Nothing wrong with fighting a war on two fronts.

If memory serves, it was British democratic socialist Tony Benn who pointed out, correctly, that it is the job of the opposition to make one feel so hopeless that one just shrugs and gives up the fight; thus, one must not.
History HAS to take its course.
And what if -by some magic trick-
Karl Marx was black and now a prez of us - with Friedrich Engels his viz -
they would still have to obey to REALITY.
That is : You go to the american presidency
with the shit that was left from all of the past.
- And hundreds of millions of "couch-presidents"
that americans seem to be.
And they (M.,E.)would definetely fail in Your "critical critics view).
Americans seem to wish for a re-incarnation of jesus to be prez.
Which off course would be a contradiction in itself.
You seemingly don`t get it, that in order to clean up ANY mess, one will get DIRTY.
Worse, one wouldn`t even get there
in the first place.
You are romanticists. Philosophically idealists.
You mostly are un-able to distinguish between a clean-LOOKING fascist and a dyrty-LOOKING
Un-able to see the forest for all of the trees.
You are not living in the real world -
Your ancestors -if they were not indigenous-
have run away from their duty to
face the reactionaries in their original home-country.
Thats why.
As the proletarians that 99% of you really ARE - but don't want to BE- you are traitors to Your own cause.
You despise even the philosophical tools that you would need to TOUCH even to start and try to change that - least the practical ones, i.e.:organise as the class that You already ARE.
Whilst your masters (1%) beeing fully conscious about theirs beeing a class HAVE done their
In all of the hairsplitting here I have NOT found one mentioning of the historically very rare standing of Your
president recently in RADICALLY challenging a Supreme Courts decision on the Corporations.
You´ve noticed the FACT.
But not the Quality of it (which
could have given You some criteria
for getting a clue on answering the question on the socialist or not socialist quality of the man.
-as just one example.
Still - Yours is one of very few blogs I even dare to follow and thanks for that.<-
There is nothing that says the current 1 & 1/8 party system (1/8 because the Democratic Party is better because it has had and has the likes of FDR, Wellstone, and Kucinich) must be preserved for all eternity. Parties have risen and fallen. If ever there was an opportunity for a new party to come together to unite the majority of the American people against the rich who constantly seek to fit us for saddles, it's now. Just as we might have been better off if the People's Party hadn't fused with the Democrats, the future might be better off if we have the courage of our convictions. But, hey, Joseph, it's your site and I'm going to read you no matter how much you convince yourself the ever rightward Democrats can be redeemed. I just think with the coming Dark Age (global warming, peak oil, way too many people, fundamentalism--it's likely to be so bad we'll characterize Morris Berman as a Pollyanna), we should roll the dice and out of a decent respect for our posterity, fight for the establishment of a party that fights for the People, not the Powers.
Voting for McCain was not worse...because then the blame would've remained where it belonged. And we'd have had gains in the future, instead of facing losses. All the Dems here talking about not voting...well then, the Trojan Ass has won. Because besides representing corporate interests and damaging the Dem brand, depressing Dem turnout is another big interest goal.

And the Ron Paulites are even worse than the vague Turd Party Cult. Ron Paul aatract independents and Dems? Because he's for the Constitution and against bankers? Uh, Rob Paul is a NUT who has been predicting the dollar's demise since the 70's. And he favors a Constitutional amendment making the fetus a person. Nice try, but no one's going to buy the nutcase Ron Paul cult, either here or at large.

And, Allesandro, what Magical "Third" Party are you talking about? Some hereto unbeknownst cult leader White Knight riding up on a stallion to save us all? Fraudbama was sold as a savior. Thanks, but no fucking thanks. Obots were the Naderites updated, and these "saviors" Nader and Zerobama were nothing but bad news.

It's a sick mentality, wanting some "savior." And a waste of a time. And a bore. The reason the Clintons and Gore were good choices was because they're policy geeks. We need people who know what the hell they're doing, not this flash and "likability" and barroom drinking buddy bullshit. And sure as HELL no messianic saviors, with a big emphasis on MESS.
Arthur Silber as written extensively about the error in framing all this in terms of the "lesser of two evils".

(And called his own shot BEFORE Obama won the primary)

In short: You're wrong. The lesser of two evils is still in fact, evil.

On the flip side, if McCain had won, "liberals" would have at least been in a position to reassess and begin building the proper political framework to try and counter the past 50 years of liberal malaise. (read:actually make our case to the public in a convincing manner)

The "Sarah Palin will eat our brains" mentality is exactly WHY things are going to get worse. You all (nope, not me, voted for McKinney) picked the "lesser of two evils" without ever acknowledging that Obama is as duplicitous as ANY republican.

How much traction did any black republican EVER get telling black men to "man up" and take care of their kids? Negro Please! It took a democrat!!!!

Would a republican get very far with "D-Punjab"? (See:Macaca)

And keep in mind, Obama used that against ONE OF HIS OWN.

"Lesser of two evils"?

It's "gut check" time for liberals, and if this is the best we can come up with, then YES we are screwed.

(Maybe 2% less screwed, but I doubt the costs will be prorated.)
Brazile decided to distance Gore from Clinton as his campaign manager. She has CDS, Gore never did.

Republicans are never the answer but Democrats are more disappointing when they shoot themselves in the foot over and over. I thought Demcrats were the smart ones but they're not.
The responses to this post have been facinating and it proves the pollsters and pundits point about American voters being "emotional voters". Meanwhile our president has been going around talking about the virtues of "bipartisanship" and the evils of "deficits" appealing to our "sense of fairplay and fiscal responsibility" fully aware of our "delicate emotional state". The highly disapponted liberals and the highly outraged rightwingers will assure that no real regulation of the banking industry or any other industry will take place and if the meager social safety programs can be dismantled or downgraded, so much the better. Voters may be "emotional" but the paymasters and politicians are very "rational".
Joe, what is this about CDS (Clinton Derangment Syndrome), but liking Gore as well.

If Gore had come out for Hillary Clinton in 2008, Hillary probably wins. Again, what does this have to do with showing both parties they need to figure things out and not always rely on the same corporations to give them their marching papers?

Third Party Candidates are the ideal way to create a reason for Republicans and Democrats to stand up to the lobbyists.
I'm with willyj. I too voted Green and I really have to ask, what is the shuddering antipathy to a third party? Where does it come from, what is it based in?

Me, I'm done. Except for a tiny handful of Dems who are marginalized by their OWN party--like Kucinich--I have no use for them.

The Democratic Party is like the ex-boyfriend who steals your money, drinks himself into Bolivia (old joke), and cheats on you with your sister. But Dem voters keep going back because he's so cute and drives a way cool car and says all the right things, and because the only other guy you know is a raging psychotic kitten-killer (aka the Republicans).

It never once occurs to you to leave your apartment building and go meet somebody new.
Obama has relied on the Clinton economics people (Goldman-Sachs) from his first day in office. How would things today be any different had it been Ms. Clinton who won the presidency? (Except of course they be screaming "Whitewater" & "Monica" instead of "birth certificate" & "Muslim socialist") Does anyone really think she would have gone after the Bushies?
McCain's eekanomix adviser was Phil Gramm of all people - I shudder to think what things would be like today were he running things w/Caribou Barbie as the next-in-line. But then again, my preference in 2008 was Edwards... Oops.
I'm going to give Obama the same grade the astute political obvserver Obama Girl gave him recently: a B-. And the only thing that stops it from being a C+ is hope for the future. I'm more concerned about his final grade but he has three more years.

I don't care at all what Obama did to win the nomination. I hope that he finds the strength to be just as ruthless or whatever against the Republicans.

I never thought that Obama was a radical or a socialist. Center/left at best. Certainly no more liberal (or conservative) than Bill or Hillary Clinton.) I would like to see him more like FDR.
I argued till my teeth got black that Clinton would know what to do when the fan hit some s124. It was the same arguing I did for the case of puttin Gore in the Whitehouse. All I got was back 'She's evil', 'He's stuck-up and a smarty-pants', etc. That was from Democrats.

He didn't use that on one of his own unless that person was half white, half black african, raised by white folks who found his 'blackness' after college and also saw that that same said 'blackness' could be used to game the s123 out of whitefolks, then and now, with great effectiveness.

There can't to many out there like that mother1234er.

Two good Democrats to chose from, Clinton H R, and Gore, and Democrats made sure they that neither of them won. Republicans did what they were supposed to do. Democrats. Nope.
We're stuck with the Ds -- would be better if we could launch an internal coalition of Clintonistas, progressive union types (green jobs for real)and a return to some of the values of the forgotten New Politics of the '70s -- sort of a mix of campaign reform, smart isolationism, some Yippie fire in the belly, etc. Just re=read Mailer's Superman Comes to the Supermarket (semiotics pre-Barthes) -- Mailer saw the internal contradictions of the Democrats as a great, if fatal, literary feast...
It was shove Obama down our collective throat because where else we gonna go?
I been giving it some thought and if the repubs get back in and start the Jesusification of America it won't hurt me. I'm a white hetero Catholic with about 10 years left before I shuffle off this mortal coil.
You 'bots hitched your wagon to a glue factory reject instead of the better qualified woman, so suffer the blo-back.
It's only a "third party" if there are actually two other functioning political parties. Right now, I wonder if the Dems aren't going to completely self-destruct the way the Whigs did in 1848. We've (yes, I'm still a Dem) done essentially *nothing* "Democratic" in the three years we've had control of Congress. Give us the Presidency *and* overwhelming majorities in both houses, and somehow we manage to achieve even less.

Maybe we have to burn the village to save it.
It's only a "third" party if it's not UMPTEEN thousand other lunatic fringe parties all jostling each other to claim "third" party status. Dancing Opossum, it's not a matter of going out to a bar and choosing a new charming sociopath to date. If you're not personally out BUILDING a VIABLE party with a KNOWN platform and actual candidates that ---what? --- mirror progressive values??? and are getting media attention and respect and winning multiple seats, then WHAT. THE. FUCK. are you talking about?? Some messianic savior from the clear blue????
What? ALIENS???? Go fucking shove into the Mad Tea Party table like some clueless Alice and then whine when you aren't given tea or cookies or even clean plates.
darms, it is unfair to imply that Hillary Clinton would have been a Bill Clinton clone draped in Goldman Sachs investment strategies.

The very reason Hillary Clinton was outed was because she was not going to take crap from wall street.

Between the claim that Hillary Clinton would have been a clone to Barack Obama, to claims that Bill Clinton's behavior meant Hillary would not win, we have excuse makers trying to minimize Hillary Clinton's brilliance, a brilliance she works at achieving, something I'm not so sure either George Bush jr or Barack Obama know how to do.
Good lord Zee, did your Zoloft prescription run out?

The Green Party is just what you described: A viable party with a record of winning local elections across the country. It's not some savior from the blue, as you say, it's a party with a proven track record and a platform that any liberal, progressive, or Democrat should readily agree with.

What's the problem? I don't know why you're so personally agitated but if you want to return to your abusive sociopathic boyfriend, by all means do so.
I honestly don't know what Ms. Clinton's economic policies would have been but when I watched Obama staff up with Rubin's folks, the very same people Bill Clinton relied on, let's just say some of the air escaped from my hope balloon. When Hillary seemed to have given up mid-primary, I suspected some sort of deal had been struck between the two camps whereby Obama would take the Clinton's economics people in exchange for Ms. Clinton's support. If you have facts to the contrary (i.e. she was listening to Volker, Krugman, Stiglitz) I'd like to see them.

Don't get me wrong, I wasn't a strong partisan either way and didn't engage in any candidate-bashing at the time. But Summers, Geithner, Bernanke, et al aren't any sort of "hope" or "change" WRT to Wall Street, just more of the same 'privatize the profits, socialize the losses' garbage... Working at a major investment bank should permanently bar someone from government 'service'.
I agree..."bar someone from government service".. and not just bar them before but after serving in government. The way I see it, the biggest problem we have is the way elections are financed regardless of the party and the revolving door between government and business. But how do you make the same people that benefit from these arrangements vote to change them?

You understand how “emotional” Americans (lib and wingnut) can CONSISTENTLY be fooled by profiteering politicians on both sides whose elections are bought by foreign money influence peddlers living amongst us locally.(Good thing we have Al Franken, who is working to stop these ratweasels.)

Like the highly disgraced family of the trustee/businessman who “supported” Hillary and Blago with big campaign contributions for favors - these corporate “donors” whose money works entirely against the local interests of middle class American citizens are the FIRST order corrupters that need to be tracked and ousted from current and future Democratic campaigns if Dems want to take the party back.

Until Dems prioritize these issues – STOP OUTSOURCING JOBS AND NATIONAL HEALTH CARE NOW – they will continue to be masochistic, irrational fools while sleazy donors who pick the pockets of American taxpayers take over the party and the tea-partiers have the last laugh.
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