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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The end of civilization in America

Thirty years ago, Friedmanism replaced Keynesianism. Thirty years ago, we were the most prosperous nation on earth. And now...well, this story speaks for itself.
Here's a list of the top 10 industries expected to lose the most jobs by 2018 -- and what to do if you're working in one of them:

1. Department stores: Projected to lose 10.2 percent of the 1.56 million jobs they had in 2008.
2. Semiconductor manufacturing: Projected to lose 33.7 percent of the 432,000 jobs it had in 2008.

3. Motor vehicle parts manufacturing: Projected to lose 18.6 percent of its 544,000 jobs.

4. Postal service: Projected to lose 13 percent of the 748,000 jobs it had in 2008.

5. Printing and related jobs: Projected to lose 16 percent of its 594,000 jobs.

6. Cut-and-sew apparel manufacturing: Projected to lose 57 percent of its 155,000 jobs.

7. Newspaper publishers: Projected to lose 24.8 percent of its 326,000 jobs.

8. Mining support jobs: Projected to lose 23.2 percent of its 328,000 jobs.

9. Gas stations: Projected to lose 8.9 percent of its 843,000 jobs.

10. Wired telecom: Projected to lose 11 percent of its 666,000 jobs.
Because so many different types of manufacturing jobs are disappearing, it will not be easy to simply get another manufacturing job. You may need to develop some completely new skills.
To do what?

I'm beginning to think that it's no wonder the Republicans have made the Socialist bogeyman into a hot issue. Although Barack Obama is no socialist, events will soon convince many that laissez-faire capitalism has failed. If things do not improve, the spirit of rebellion will awaken. If our incessantly propagandized populace continues to view socialism as the Great Unthinkable, then what form will the coming rebellion take?

As long as we're talking big picture stuff: At the CPAC conference, conservative superstars had no qualms about lumping liberals and progressives in with Stalinists. Believe it or not, the right considers the ghost of Uncle Joe to be a very real danger. Yet if a liberal brings up the threat of resurgent fascism -- a far likelier threat -- said liberal will be disparaged as a sensationalist, a hyperbolic silly-billy, and a shameless violator of Godwin's law.

And that's why the Overton Window is so far to the right.
Friedmanism, and the whole Republican Revolution, have taught us that government is the only solution to the problems we created by treating government as the problem.

I agree America is poised to descend into fascism--apparently because progressives can't tell a Democrat from a neocon.

But I doubt the current crop of right-wingers can bring it off. They've got the Nazi spirit, all right. But they completely lack the balls and brains of real Nazis.
What people don't realize is every person we "educate" with a college degree will perform an iceberg type of job in which for them to poke their head above water, there needs to be 5 "less educated" people creating the products and services they require to do their job, below the surface.

And yet, the person with the educated job is actually in the business of downsizing the amount of jobs beneath the surface as justification for keeping their own job.

A messy situation to say the least.
Uncle Joe?

The guy from Petticoat Junction?
Perry, that is the most cheery thing I have heard anyone say this year.

I love that idea.
Fascism gained a stranglehold because it created jobs during a time of economic depression, and made the (majority) of the people feel like they counted (at the expense of the minority). It isn't neo-fascism we have to worry about, it's neo-feudalism.
"The end of civilization in America"
Your title suggests that at one time we were civilized.
Dick "I Dare You To Charge Me For War Crimes" Cheney would probably disagree.

And since the Obama DOJ has given the free pass to Yoo and Baybee, neo-cons are probably feeling froggier that ever.
What Perry said. with Dead Eye Darth the five time draft dodger being a prime example of sans cajones.
tell me, progos--are the anti-war, anti-Israel Buchananites and Paulites going to be leaders of or jailed by "neofascism?" we understand one Paul "critic" above might "turn" collaborator & help the "neofascists" jail one of the factions.
My fear is that.. when an economic collapse comes to America (which seems increasingly likely)... all the rhetoric against socialism and liberalism (and immigrants and non-christians and fill-in-the-blank) will begin to pay off in a big way for the latest incarnation of fascism. The seeds have been sown for quite a long time, and if things get ugly they may begin to sprout and flourish more quickly than anyone expected.

As an aside, does Godwin's law apply when explicitly discussing fascism? It'd be nice to see it's legalese representation so I where the line of transgression lies.
When the shelves in the supermarkets are empty, most Americans will flock to - and support - whoever sets up the bread line.

Nobody wil give a damn who's in Washington pontificating. Their interests will be strictly local, tied directly to whoever provides food and shelter.

It's alweays been that way. It will be no different this time.
Let me help the confused. If there is total economic collapse in America, there will be long term unrest, anarchy and state devolution. Gradually there will emerge ethnonationalism on a regional basis. The Moslem world in particular will be glad Euro Americans have to start over, perhaps from Idaho.
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