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Monday, February 22, 2010

Don't you believe in signs?

Heh heh. Just messin' with ya.

(Thanks to That's Me on the Left.)
Ugh. Evidently, Hawaii is STILL getting requests (40-50 per month) to see Obama's "other" birth certificate.

You know, he could have dealt with in intelligently. McCain took a copy of his original birth certificate and walked out and handed it to a group of reporters. They saw it. They felt it. They witnessed the embossing. End of story.

Obama, I think, is just amused at the continuing controversy. He thinks he'll whip it out, maybe, at some point and make his critics feel foolish (which they are) but of course, showing it at this point won't diminish the controversy. They'll just claim he could have doctored it now that he's in the White House.

I don't know who is dumber.
The state of Hawaii has provided everything it can at this point. I used to work at the Department of Vital Statistics in Honolulu (summer intern, 1972). Back then all the birth certificates were on microfiche and all that could be provided was a certified copy or an affidavit for older records certifying the birth (turn of the century records were just lines in a journal, and it was one of the better parts of my job that I got to research them - but I digress) . It appears they've gone to computerized records and what Obama provided is all that anyone is going to get. I would venture to bet that there is no longer an "original" birth certificate. Anything the hospital may have provided Obama's mother would not be considered a certified document.

But it doesn't matter, because facts are never going to convince these fools. Ever.
"I don't know who is dumber."
Well, considering who is looking to be a one termer and is taking several in congress down with him. I'd have to guess it's Obama.
Does it even matter where Obama was born? McCain was actually born in Panama to American parents. Therefore, he is a natural born citizen of the U.S. Obama was born in Hawaii to an American woman. Even if he wasn't born in Hawaii he still would be a natural born citizen of the U.S. because his mother was born in Kansas. That is the rule in this country. If you are born here no matter your parent then you are a citizen. If you are born abroad to American parents then you are a citizen. There is no gray area here to debate.
Actually, the billboard is correct. Kenya is the birthplace of Barack Obama Sr. Maybe they ran out of space?
Happy Birthday Obama ! Dr. Dr. give me the news,I've gotta bad case of Birther movement blues.Down,Ready Set,Hike ! Go the long form certificate and let's see the name of the Dr. and exact hospital to end this "Born In The USA." Honolulu passed a law allowing it to ignor repetitive requests for the document? Congress violated the 20th Amendment ? There is a difference between the live birth certificate made public with no signature or is it showing the name of the hospital or the DR. Where is the Long Form Birth Certificate ? It's a Constitutional Eligibility question mystery.Oh no and then they tell you it's a far right political conspiracy. Who knows and we're selling visas in the US like pizza's.Add your topping $$$ to more than 30 different types of Visas and good luck finding a job in the USA. The H1-B could cost one $6000.00 after attorney fees.How about we just secure the boarder and send more troops rather than make changes to the 14th Amendment ? Revising 14th Amendment,which guarantees citizenship to children of illegal immigrants and what's next ? Sell the National Bio Metric ID to the next generation. Boarder Security with Russ Feingold on the Constitution subcommittee. Has he seen the LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE ? Folks if you've just had a birthday and forgot to dash fast to DMV, you'll wait two weeks while they mail your new digital licence back. Are we looking 3 D ? Do we need the glasses ? What are they doing to our identification ? Is that all part of the sell on security to invade a citizens privacy ?
We understand that Obama at a young age moved with his mom and dad living various places.The history of his life is out there openly to read for us all but why hasn't anyone come foward with Obama's LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE to end this fuss. Gotta say, didn't pay much attention until Lieutenant Colonel Lakin and just took the on line posted LIVE BIRTH CERTIFICATE as okay and that's it ,the end.Yeah but then read about this and view the differences in the documents of which call for clarification. This clarification is up to Obama to provide and clear up any futher debate by showing his LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Is there a technical difficulty and did something happen with his mom and dad in how they processed his birth certificate in a timely manner ? Is that why no one sees this LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE with the name of the Dr. and hospital. So,guess that's the long of short of it. Call Sherlock and it's a mystery and who knows but Happy Birthday Obama. Is it true that in 1967 Dunham moved with little Obama at six years old to Jakarta and divorced Soetoro ? I didn't like reading the crazy political inferences that she was somehow NOC and this article also read in 1965 her passport was destroyed. It's the Indonesia passport that puzzles me but glad he recieved a Rhodes Scholar with Oxford. Interesting roommates and what did he learn from them I wonder.What bothers me is Obama refuses to provide documents on the name of the hospital he was born and provide not a Live Birth Certificate but a Long Form Certificate of which includes this information. Does he know what hospital he was born and some question in Mombosa. Need Obama's request to release the name of his bith hospital and the Dr. Maybe this documentation does not exist cause his mom and dad didn't file in a timely manner and then moved after he was born ? Do we know for sure the truth and have we the people seen the LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE to put this debate to bed . A QUESTION OF ELIGIBILITY PART 1 and 11 was interesting to watch for clarification and make up your own mind about it.
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