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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Don't be surprised if he actually says this

After all, the right is trying blame the Wall Street debacle on hippies. So anything is possible.

Apparently, the flower children invaded Goldman, AIG and Merril Lynch, and then forced those companies to issue wacky CDOs. Then they spray-painted "Acid is groovy! Kill the pigs!" on the walls.

The film Generation Zero, which pushes the inane Hippies-on-Wall-Street meme, is now being advertised on Cannonfire, via the Google ad system. I can't choose the ads, alas. But you ought to check out the film's website. Yes, Fox is promoting this thing, big time. As the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers once said: "Outtasight comedy!"
As a proud Baby Boomer, I'm used to being blamed for everything.

The reason for this is simple. Our generation gets blamed for everything because we refused to go off to die quietly in Viet Nam.

Not going off quietly to die is the ultimate sin in American culture, punishable by a lifetime of badmouthing from people who are not a whit better than we.
Everything is the baby boomer's fault... including the Tea Parties... LOL... at least according to these Dem strategists

Most 'tea party' followers are baby boomers reliving the '60s,0,3374643.story
Well, Joe, there was this phenomenon of the Jewish "Dawk," dating and evolving from the Vietnam Era. Dove on Vietnam, hawk wherever Israel's interests were concerned. I suppose someone might produce a work on the evolving antiwar hippie to yuppie phenom among that very disproportionate element of American high finance in the debacle.
The opposite of sanity is Hannity
Sean Hannity?
Gee ... look him up and guess what?
No mention of military service.
Funny that, all these media types that hack on Democrats being weak on National Security never served.
It's so easy being a hawk when you know you won't be called up.
But that is the sad story of the republican party, send the poor off to fight the wars they start. Too bad the voters don't wake up to that fact.
But then nobody said you had to have a brain to support the GOP.
Uh- can you say image damage control?
Those neocapitalists pigs sure are a crafty bunch:

Stephen K. Bannon: Writer/Director/Producer

Mr. Bannon is chairman and CEO of Affinity Media, the largest digital asset exchange and content company in the video game space. He is a former Naval Officer, Honors Graduate of Harvard Business School, and a former M&A Investment Banker at Goldman Sachs. Mr. Bannon owned and ran his own investment banking boutique for ten years in Beverly Hills. He is actively engaged in a number of companies in the entertainment and media industry.

An award winning film-maker, Mr. Bannon was the writer/director of "In the Face of Evil" the classic account of Ronald Reagan's long struggle with communism. He has produced and executive produced and financed numerous films, including "Titus Andronicus" and "The Last 600 Meters".

His oldest daughter Maureen attends the United States Military Academy at West Point. Mr. Bannon is a native of Richmond, VA and resides in Laguna Beach, CA.

Sounds like he was born into the CIA....I would hardly call him a flower child--and seeing him as a former Goldman Sachs piglet, I call bullshit on this whole film.
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