Saturday, February 27, 2010


Republican Jim Bunning of Kentucky is getting the credit for single-handedly blocking the unemployment benefits of 1.2 million jobless people. This recession is going to feel like a Depression once those benefits run out.

And that's not all that Bunning has been up to: He is also shutting down much of the transportation department, blocking states from receiving highway and transit funds.

I understand the strategy here. Any misery inflicted by Bunning will be blamed on Obama and the Democrats. All of this is reminiscent of the Clinton era, when the Republicans won majorities in Congress and then overplayed their hand by shutting down the government. The public blamed the Republicans, and Clinton benefited politically. But now, the Democrats are the majority party, and they -- fairly or otherwise -- will take the blame.

Or...maybe Sean Hannity will tell those 1.2 million people to blame hippies.
The Democrats should take 100 percent of the blame for being incompetent. Bunning makes clear how much power one senator has, when he/she has the guts to use that power. When in the minority, there wasn't a single senator, in the Democratic Party that stopped G.W. When I think back at the losses from 2000 to 2004, the Democrats were in a much better position than the GOP is in now. The Democrats make the case for progressives to skip voting for Democratic candidates that go to Washington.
anon 11:54
And then what?
And then what?
We go a little further to the right and a different set of congress members get to receive the largess of corporate America.
I like your optimism!
And then what? I'm not for the bonding of corporations with the government, but that's what we have now and the voters need to see the truth clearly. The HCR bill is a perfect example of how the two parties work for corporate America. The GOP wants corporate America to have the freedom to stick it to the voters, and the Democrats want the voters pay tribute to corporate America. Either way, we're screwed. Other than local elections, I see no reason to vote for either party because the result is the same.
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