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Sunday, January 17, 2010

A quick thought

Perhaps we should picture the epic battle between Democrat and Republican as an epic battle between the financial services "industry" and the oil "bidness."

H.L. Hunt used to say: "When Ah go east, they treat me jes' lahk a stable hand!" The Bush administrations were his beyond-the-grave vengeance; the Obama administration is counter-vengeance.

Some of you will recognize that a similar idea informed Carl Oglesby's work.
Don't the two industries walk hand in hand?
Carl's referenced book, 'The Yankee and Cowboy War,' posits two power sources in conflict: old blue-blood money from the Eastern Establishment, vs. far newer money created out of the natural resources in domestic oil out of Texas, California, Oklahoma, etc.

There was a vast chasm between the cultures of those two groups, and more rivalry and opposition than you might imagine.

the democratic party died soon after Poolosi and her minions decided to recruit pro-life candidates like Nelson, Casey etc...They are so hungry for power so anything will do including trashing the party principles. Power means money from K street and big corps so they will gladly sacrified anyone and anything in order to in power.
I knew Obama was a Yankee as soon as I saw all the guys in pinstriped suits on his team.

I don't like these simplifications. I know the human mind needs to label things to understand them but so often this perverts truth and demotivates the forces for useful change. Here for example I'm thinking of the Iranian people, many who believe that their country is in a permanent state of tug-o-war between the CIA and MI6. These generalizations, conspiratorial or otherwise do us a great disservice.

Almost every industry or economy goes through changes which are often geographically related. Another great example in recent times is our computer industry, which migrated West in the 1960s with subsequent cultural changes. An even more obvious example would be North America in general existing as a 'modern world' version of Europe. I recently read a book called "The Jeffersonian Transformation" which is an extract of Henry Adams' 9 volume history of the United States of America. Many consider it our greatest historical work. Anyhow, he compares politics, economics, and culture in 1800 and 1817. Most interesting he discusses American beliefs about Europe and vice-a-versa. It is remarkable of how little this narrative has changed in 2 centuries, it could have been an opinion piece in the WaPo or LeMonde yesterday.

The one big change though is the idea of religious conservatism, which the lack of in America Adams considered a strength. This is obviously reversing or even has reversed. It will be interesting to see if our country stagnates in the following century with our greater reluctance to change and our recent de-emphasis on scientific inquiry. And in this reluctance to change I think the oil and finance industries are truly equals.
I think the Shelburne and Palmerston or their like would find little difficulty playing the “new money” off against the “old money,” or one political party against the other.
I agree with much of what you said and since you used Iran as an example, I'll follow with a comparison.
When the Shah was in power in Iran, he very much pushed the country towards a more modern west oriented direction. This angered the Clergy who much like the Religious Right here warned against the dangers of the modern liberal views and over the years claimed to have been victimized by the government. But when the revolution gave the same clergy power over every aspect of governing, people came to see the absurdity of Religious Conservatism and it's inherent opposition to Democracy.
I am afraid that the Religious Right and Conservatism in this country (despite 8 years of Bush and the neocons, 2 wars, a financial collapse, etc.) has not opened the eyes of the people sufficiently enough to render them absurd. In light of the recent political atmospher, it is possible that the Ultra Right might gain more power after the next two election cycles and if they do, they will hang onto that power by any means including promoting wars, poverty, spying, corporate monoplies and private armies.
I find it ironic to see the Iranian people fighting to rid themselves of Religious Conservatism while America is still wondering the merits of it.
....Good Day.... The ultrarare "The Yankee and Cowboy War : Conspiracies from Dallas to Watergate" by Carl Oglesby (1975) referenced above is, positively, a very interesting, thought provoking book.

....Another theme of defining the "yankee" and the "cowboy" political parties is that the yankees (old inherited money) believe the future destiny of the United States is tied most closely (but not exclusively) to Europe, while the cowboys (newly grown money) believe the future destiny of the United States is tied most closely (but not exclusively) to countries in and around the Pacific rim (such as Australia, Japan, and Communist China)

I have 2 extra copies of this rare book. If you would like a copy, please feel free to contact me privately at, and type "JFK" in your email title line so it is not deleted as spam.

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