Friday, January 29, 2010

The last line is priceless

You may have seen this elsewhere. And you've probably seen the hundred-and-one other variants of this clip. Looks like Obama just lost the mustache vote.
Whoever did this was really very clever.
That's pretty hilarious. Helluva performance by the guy playing Hitler. Don't try that at home, kids.
Lori, Hitler was played by the great Bruno Ganz. I'm told that he got the accent down perfectly.
Another essential (and timely) film featuring Bruno Ganz: "The American Friend", co-starring Dennis Hopper as the talented Tom Ripley.

Even the Obama girl is not so hot for him now.

I love the caption-"former fanatic" which is synonymous with former Obama supporter.
It's a helluva film. I've seen it. But seeing it without the English substitles allowed me to really focus on that performance. Man alive, that is some death defying acting going on there. Talk about working without a net.
Bruno Ganz has been one of my favorite actors for a long time -- I fell in love with him in "The Left-Handed Woman." Also check him out in Fassbinder's "American Friend." Just a gifted, born performer.
"Should have stick to Hillary"... and loose the election to McCain. That's the problem the Cougars don't seem to understand, Hillary would have lost against McCain.
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