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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's raining kidneys! Hallelujah!

Israel sends medics, supplies to Haiti.

If you think my graphic is a cheap shot: Remember when Israelis cried "Anti-Semitism!" after a Swedish newspaper published an expose of Israeli organ harvesting of Palestinians during the first intifada? Remember how this blog was the first to publish a translation of that story, and remember the Israelis who wrote in to insist that the whole thing was a ghastly lie? And remember how, after all of that manipulative pseudo-outrage had run its course, the Israeli government quietly admitted that the organ theft story was true?


Under those circumstances, I feel justified in taking my shot, cheap or otherwise.

And while you're pondering America's pitiably paltry aid to Haiti (which is poor) and its splendiferous aid to Israel (which is affluent), read this. On a CBS website, no less!
Earlier today I saw a CNN correspondent in Haiti exhibiting faux outrage about corneas that had been "donated" by Haitian victims of the earthquake prior to their death. Apparently these corneas had not been properly stored and thereby rendered useless.

I couldn't help thinking about your stories about organ harvesting of Palestinians. The correspondent was upset about the improper handling of the corneas. But for me the real story was what surgeon did the harvesting? I'm assuming these people didn't gouge their own eyes out before dying. So a medical doctor goes to Haiti ostensibly to save lives but instead spends his time taking people's eyes out. hmmm
I hate to inject politics into this tragedy but I am not sure that "all the armed troops" sent to Haiti to help are not meant to double as a ready army to contain or defeat any attempt of a coup against the unpopular government. And the fact that "reconstruction" may take years can be useful in hiding a visible American presence.
That is weird about the "donated" corneas in Haiti, since what I saw was a CNN medical correspondent stepping in to do surgery because there was a severe lack of doctors there...
Fuck off and die, Nazi filth.
I'm not the one stealing organs, Andy.

I know that the truth is difficult to face. But it IS the truth and cannot be rationalized away.
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