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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti aid

If you go the Google and type in the words "Haiti emergency relief," the first paid ad to pop up will be for World Vision. Sorry, no can recommend. The should have considered the potential negative impact on donations when they first started offering cover to CIA spooks.

However, if you want to make a donation, I can recommend Stillerstrong, a charity run by Ben Stiller. Yes, Ben Stiller. And he even decorates the site with a picture of himself in his "Derek Zoolander" persona. This appeals to my sense of humanity and my sense of absurdity. It's a double win!

You may also want to consider Care.

Wasn't CARE also outed as a CIA front back in the '70s? What's wrong with Doctors Without Borders or the Red Cross?
I'd give to Doctors Without Borders and OXFAM.
"US leads the aid effort" says the US propaganda. Like hell they do. Sending a few thousand marines though. Maybe. If they do, will they leave their weapons on the ship?

Ever since the earthquake in Armenia in 1988, which may have been triggered by a Soviet nuclear test in Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan, I've been very suspicious of earthquakes. Interesting that the US seems to be spooking the shit out of Venezuela at the moment, buzzing that country from Curacao, having procured an OK from the Netherlands, as well as building up its capability in Colombia. Could this earthquake be a threat or a test?
I asked of the US intervention in Haiti: "will they leave their weapons on the ship?"

The answer has been no.

This is the kind of thing that someone should take to the UN Security Council. Of course, the Haitian government are US puppets, but hindering other countries' aid efforts should surely be not OK with the UN even if it's OK with what passes for the Haitian 'government'.

As usual (I'm old enough to remember Mexico), "fighting looters" means "protecting the banks".

Cuba actually allowed US 'aid' flights to fly through Cuban airspace to get to Haiti. Now you gotta wonder what the feeling is in Havana (we know what it is in Caracas) about the US military occupation of Haiti, which is what this is in all but name.
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