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Monday, January 18, 2010

Daily Kos knows what women want

Daily Kos has suddenly found its feminist side. The following appears as a front-paged diary:
In a flurry of activity on Sunday in advance of the special election for the U.S. Senate in Massachusetts, one of the uglier stories was an audible shout from the audience at a Scott Brown rally in West Springfield. As Brown was working his way through his stump speech, a voice in the crowd can be heard shouting "Stick a curling iron up her butt!"

Late Sunday night, a video of the encounter popped up, and Scott Brown's response is worth examining:
A video follows. I have not watched it. I don't care.
There is no question that Brown hears the remark, and there is little doubt as to whether or not he smiled at the mark.
His lack of a response to the rhetoric put on display in that incident (beyond, perhaps, smirking at it) is the kind of thing that female voters, in particular, are unlikely to appreciate.
You know how people on the internet write LOL even though they aren't really laughing out loud? In this case, I really am.

You know what would have been worse than that "curling iron" remark? If Brown had played "I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one" at his rallies. That would have been worse.

Of course, Kossacks know all about the kinds of things that female voters are likely to appreciate. All throughout 2008, I published post after post quoting Kossacks who thought that they knew how to charm women. Let the following few remarks stand for thousands (literally thousands) of others published by the pro-O blogs, including and especially Kos:
Just slit her throat, lock her in a car boot, and drive the car into river in West Virginia. Ain’t gonna let no whore screw with the man
The heinous Hillary hag with a bullseye on her forehead is reason enough to vote for Obama
And a Drive-By Won't Be Out of the Question. What goes around, comes around. The stupid fucking bitch !!
Talk About WHITE TRASH that bitch better keep looking over her shoulder.
if hillary is elected we're gonna be stuck with whomever she picks as a running mate for the remainder of the term after she gets assasinated.
A number of those calls for Hillary's murder appeared on Daily Kos. And as you know, there were many, many, many comments that were just as (or almost as) odious.

Markos Moulitsas is 100% responsible for those remarks, since he carefully censored out any pro-Hillary commentary. Moulitsas and his minions never said a word against the incessant, year-long ugliness on DK and on other Obot sites.

Did anyone on Kos criticize Keith Olbermann for his explicit, undeniable and inexcusable on-air call for Hillary Clinton's murder? That crack should have netted him jail time.

I will not allow anyone to pretend that the horrors of 2008 were committed by "some" Obots. These vicious remarks came daily, hourly, by the minute. I received them in my own comments inbox, every hour, like a machine. A few of them included death threats directed against yours truly.

I will not allow anyone to pretend that there were wrongs committed on both sides. The Obot sites were 100% at fault and the pro-Clinton sites were 100% innocent. Yes, it really was that simple. They were the victimizers, we were the offended party. We must never shrink from stating the truth of what occurred, baldly and forcefully -- and we must never allow the guilty, evil bastards to rewrite the history of their own sins.

(And I don't want to hear from any bots -- I'm looking at you, Gary -- who say that they are not personally guilty of writing violent, ugly things about Hillary Clinton in 2008. Did you, "in real time," criticize forcefully fellow bots who did write such things? If not, then you are just as guilty as they are of participating in the mob mentality.)

Coakley will probably lose. If she does, it will be because the Kossacks and other Obots mounted a hate campaign which alienated many Democrats and boosted a Republican-in-disguise into the White House. Massachusetts was a liberal, pro-Hillary state, and there is no reason why those voters -- after having been shat upon for years by the so-called "progressives" -- should listen to anyone at Kos, TPM, D.U. and allied sites.

A lot of those disgusted Hillary voters are going to vote for Brown out of protest. There is nothing that the Obots can do about that. If bots possessed sufficient emotional maturity, they would learn an important tactical lesson from this situation: Don't run a smear campaign in a primary, because you could alienate voters whom you will later need.

But they won't take away that lesson. Progs are too damned arrogant to confess that they have anything to learn. In their world, the fault always lies somewhere else -- never with them.

That's why the bots will, in the post-election period, spend a lot of time insulting the "turncoat Dems" of MA. Obots always think that they can persuade people by insulting them. And that's just what they will do the morning after. Watch it happen.

From the Department of they-just-don't-get it: Riverdaughter at the Confluence received an emergency email from the NJ Democratic party, calling for Coakley donations. The email told her to send money to -- get this --

WHAT AN IDIOT! Talk about tossing gas on the fire...!
Ok, here’s the problem with this appeal. First of all, it makes it look like the entire Democratic party is owned by myBarackObama. It is not. Massachusetts and New Jersey did not vote for Obama in the primary of 2008. He was rammed down our throats until we choked on him and only Massachusetts was actually allowed to cast some of their delegate votes for Hillary at the convention. If you want our support, putting the Unity Pony’s name on the URL was a baaaad move.
In my view, riverdaughter is being too kind here. When I saw yet another reminder that the Dem leadership now considers Obama to be the party and the party to be Obama -- well, in that instant, I morphed from being a Coakley well-wisher to a Brown supporter.

Of course Brown is a Republican jerk who stands for all sorts of detestable things. I don't care. The Obots wronged me and I want vengeance and that's that.
Secondly, and this is tied to the first problem, no one likes the health care reform bills proposed by the House or the Senate with Obama’s blessing. We’re not just talking about Republicans and people who watch Fox News. They’re going to vote for Brown anyway. No, we’re talking about Democrats. Democrats do not like this bill. In fact, many of them hate this bill. HATE IT.
Coakley's loss will be the fault of the Barack Obama and the "new" Democratic party -- the one that kicked out old school Dems like me. Throughout 2008, the bots said they didn't need us. Now they do. Now they are going to lose. How do you like them apples, bots?
Ha! I went to the Great Orange Satan this AM and posted...."And the difference between Brown and Obama is....what?" And then reminded everyone of Obama's crappy sexist comments/actions against HRC.

I went back an hour later to see how many troll ratings I had and found out that I have been "disappeared!"

Damn. That feels great!
I'm just wondering. Has John Kerry ever come out and made the case concerning the benefits of the health insurance bailout bill for MA residents?
Exactly true. Thank you for saying this. Brown is an ass, but this party needs to hear the roar of disgust from traditional Democrats like me. I will never forget what happened in 2008. Truly, I hope she loses tomorrow. Let it all fall down.
"There is no question that Brown hears the remark"

Because whatever a microphone out in the crowd picks up, the guy on stage MUST have heard. Everyone knows that.


That assumes the audio portion of the clip wasn't doctored, like the Obots did with the War-room video.

This is the second clip being pimped by BMG that is very short in length. Who filmed the clip? Where is the full version?

Nevermind, I don't vote in Massachusetts anyway.
There are probably few benefits of a national health care reform for Massachusetts residents, since they already have a state health care plan in place. (Like Hawaii.)

Most likely, Massachusetts would have only additional costs from the national plan, so that's a hard sell. Maybe as a reason why companies would not choose to move out of MA to avoid the costs they now have there already?

Democrats/liberals and similar groups seemed to have no problem with the vilification on gender grounds of Katherine Harris, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, etc.

So even the party most associated with women's equality and those who generally advocate for gender neutrality have historically, well before Obama, found no contradiction in slamming SOME women using sexist attacks.

Obama's first big accomplishment--resuscitating the Republican Party! You knew he could do it!

Democrats all over the web are taking leave of their senses over this Massachusetts thing, as if it were some inscrutable zen koan.

This is true even of some people I like very much, such as the folks at ThinkProgress, who are by and large very sane. But right now, they're in total brainlock, considering various hypotheses.

Verily, politics doth make idiots of us all. I am in no position to throw the first stone.

Nevertheless, I feel I understand this one.

Recall the Monty Python routine where a man comes into a pet store and wants to buy a cat.

The guy plainly asks for a cat, but the shopkeeper keeps trying to sell him other stuff ("I have a lovely slug," he says).

That's precisely our situation. The majority of voters are the customer who asked for single-payer. They hired the Democrats to get them that--or something reasonable--and the Democrats couldn't do it.

Not only couldn't they do it, but they endlessly bullsh*tted about it and talked around it and in general showed their utter contempt for the voters' wishes--much like the shopkeeper with his slug.

Now they're offering us this lovely slug of a health-care bill, when what we asked for--very plainly--was a cat.

(And stop telling us you're going to turn it into a cat.)
If she loses despite Obama's appearance it will be chalked up as 'Americans are racist' by the liberal political class.
I know I'm in the minority but I think Coakley's loss will hurt women and women candidates more than it will send any message about Obama and HCR. For someone like myself who cares about addressing the power imbalance on a national level, her loss is yet another step back, at a time when it seems that's the only direction we're heading.

And, IMO, Brown had nothing to do with that comment. That sort of hate speech sounds like something out of an obot's mouth. I don't trust those little misogynist shits as far as I can throw 'em.

~ gxm17
You write: "The Obots wronged me and I want vengeance and that's that."

I admire and respect people who say it like it is with no B.S. I understand the sentiment and for the same reasons.

MA = Karma
Brown got more people at his rally than Obama did at Coakley's. The Boston Globe reported 1,500 people at the Coakley rally, and 2,200 at Brown's event. The Boston Herald reported 3,000 at the Brown rally.

At the Coakley rally, Obama couldn't handle the anti-abortion hecklers who forced him to lose his composure, fumble, and even step away from the podium momentarily. (Obama hasn't an actual press conference since last July.)

Obama started his speech with his rah-rah chant of "fired up!" When the pro-life hecklers began shouting, Obama tried waving and grinning and repeating, "It's all right ... We're doin' OK....We're OK."

Then, "I, uh, I uh, I couldn't, uh...." and left the podium. He came back with Coakley and asked, "Now, where were we?" before resuming his teleprompter script.

What comes after karma and revenge?

I'd suggest our nation get together with China, Russia and India, who are doing all sorts of cooperative development things, and take things up where Franklin Delano Roosevelt left off.
As Roberta said, I respect your attitude and find myself in the same spot. Chalk me up as another lifelong Democrat who has left the party and will never be back unless the Obots are gone or apologize on bended knee. The latter will never happen and I have my doubts that they can be rooted out at this juncture.

Meanwhile the abysmal health care bill may soon be stuck up the American public's butt. Nothing against Ms. Coakley on a personal level, but her loss might be our best hope to put an end to this sham. If not then it may be time to check into foreign work visas.
You guys should take a peak over at the comments at FDL. "Progressives" devouring their own. One of the moderators told them to stop name calling one another as that's not what they do there. I burst out laughing. That's EXACTLY what these arrogant twilight zones did to Clinton supporters in 2008 and now the chickens are coming home to roost.
Please, can someone give the link for the video of that Coakley/Obama rally where Obama is showing his smooth political skills and gift of gab. Please. Thank you.
I've heard the Tip O'Neil remark that all politics is local. I guess I never knew that for some, it is purely personal.

Although I've also heard that the left, and the Democrats, most enjoy circular firing squads, taking out their own 85% allies for failure to hold to 100% of the shibboleths, and thereby ceding the field to their 100% opposites.

I must question whether this tendency is either rational or productive. But if the tendency comes from personal pique, we already now the answer.

Now if the party activists, the unions, the little old ladies at the phone banks, muster enough GOTV to pull the failed Coakley candidacy over the line, will that show that Obama and Co. have shoved the traditional Dems out of the party, or rather the reverse?

Ah, Joseph, I know the Kossacks deserve that reminder and spanking and more
(btw, TGW links to whining over at Democratic Underground, also, where they're whining about Fraudbama throwing them under the bus on health care) but if Coakley loses, it's not going to teach anyone a lesson. It's going to be "the dumb bitch ran a bad campaign" all over again...indeed, they're already saying that.
Most of the comments you rightly objected to were anonymous comments that you lifted off of pro-Obama sites. As such they could have been written by anyone.

Yes I criticized them after you quoted them. I must admit I usually do not read the comments. Were the pro-Hillary sites really 100% innocent? I wouldn't know but somehow it seems unlikely there were NO objectionable comments left on those sites.

But except for you and maybe six other people everyone else has moved on and Hillary continues to do a fine job as Secretary of State. Personally, I am beginning to think that she might have made the better President.

I was just thinking what the reaction would have been if Bill's remark about Barack serving them coffee had come out during the primaries.
Like Joe said, the evil bastards are just too arrogant to accept any responsibility and will always lay blame elsewhere.

And I am all for not letting them forget and all for preventing them from trying to rewrite history.
I got an invitation to the Coakley rally and was going to go when I saw the link to confirm was to Myobama and could not bring myself to sign up with him after how he trashed Hillary and so many other people. I just donated money instead.

It was such an obviously bad move it makes me wonder if it was done on purpose. I wonder if Obama wants Coakley to lose so he does not have to pass health care reform and can blame someone else.

He never seemed to do much to get it passed and I think given how deadly his people were during the primary that the mealy mouth support he has given Coakley is strange indeed.
Damn good post. I share your passion. Fuck Obama and the BOTS.
"I was just thinking what the reaction would have been if Bill's remark about Barack serving them coffee had come out during the primaries."

There is no evidence that Bill Clinton said any such thing. A now dead Senator, not particularly known for truth telling, told the tale to unknown sources who apparently could not agree on the actual wording of said tale. This unsourced tale was repeated(without quotes) by hacks in the latest and perhaps the most distasteful gossip novel ever written.

I think Clinton said it. I also don't think there was any racism in the comment. It went to inexperience, not race.
OK when he talked about serving the coffee he wasn't being racists, like you say, just talking about his inexperience. But Joe, when Bill started talking about Michelle's "fine caramel-latte skinned hinder parts," calling Malia a crack baby, and started telling all those jokes, like "what's got hope, six legs, and says hodee do hodee do hodee do?" Well, that was racist. Right? I read he said all that all HuffPo...
Hodee Ho, you may be joking but it sounds like you are serious, dumb dumb.
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