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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Brown wins...

...and there's no Freude in Schadenfreude. Ian Welsh says it best, re: health care reform:
The Democratic reaction to losing Kennedy’s seat will be to do exactly what voters were punishing them for.

In 2010 Democrats will be slaughtered, absolutely slaughtered, because Obama and the senior Democratic leadership does not learn.
All right, so he should have said do not learn. The sentiment is still correct. I've been saying for nearly a year, maybe longer, that true liberals have to retake the party from the progs, who are libertarians and sellouts at heart.

Earlier in 2009, everyone thought the Republicans were foolish to let the crazies take over their party. They don't look foolish now. They look energized. Democrats need to do the something similar: They need to get back to being Democrats. We need to see the ascent of an anti-Obama, anti-Pelosi, anti-Reid, anti-sellout faction within the party. (And forget the third party pipe dream. Ain't gonna happen.)

We need a good liberal to give Obama a nomination fight in 2012. There are some excellent choices out there -- foremost among them being Al Gore.

And for chrissakes, let's treat those damn Chicago mobsters like lepers.
Foremost among them HILLARY 2012!!!
Dear "creative class" Democrats,

Betrayal is the hardest of all sins to forgive. The Democratic Party has just spent the last year engaging in the most widespread betrayal I have ever witnessed. The leadership may think it's playing 11th dimensional chess, but when it's leader says he is "surprised and frustrated" by what happened in're not ready for a game of tic tac tow. You can NOT maintain the present course and speed. No amount of support for the officers running the ship will change the laws of physics. Obama, Reid, Pelosi all have a place on the lifeboats, you do not.
Lets get real-we need someone sane who can win. This eliminates most of the democratic candidates. Hillary and Gore should run together next time. Obama should be given a ticket to Hawaii and a nice ball of string to play with.

I'm growing convinced that Obama did this on purpose.

Sadly, I think no.
Feel bad for Coakley. OOoo brought Chicago thugs to DC so hopefully he and his thugs will go back to Chicago in 3 years. As for Poolosi, Reid and all traitors who back-stabbed Hillary, your time is coming too.
It's very possible, Snowflake.

And I agree, Joseph. Time to take it back.
The idea that Obama did all this on purpose, the back room deals, the sham history, the financial fraudiness with the banks...everything makes me the angriest I've ever been. Really. If he agreed to be the front man for this upending of this country, there ain't a gottdamn thing to save his soul. It is scary thinking of how his karma is gonna be paid back.
Rethugs could not destroy the democratic party but Obie certainly can. Un-freaking-believable.
The new date I have for O's resignation is February 19, 2010.

I predict that Biden will be gone by March 20 of this year, and Hillary by late April (sorry, Clinton fans.)

The new guy will be as liberal as it gets within the realm of real American politics, and I'm pretty sure he'll get reelected in 2012 and 2016.

Just had to get that out. Mr. Cannon can post this or not (I realize I've been "wrong" before about the dates the resignations will happen.) I am sitting on pins and needles waiting for the other shoe to drop.
Thanks!! Very productive transmit! I am subscribing to RSS principled now.
Any Democrat who challenges Obama for the nomination is sure to get kneecapped.

The poor O-holes have no idea what deep sh*t they've gotten us into...
Obama wants the so-called healthcare legislation rammed through for his State of the Union address, at which point we would see the next target Social Security.

For a hint on that, see:

That, while China, Russia, India, Korea, Japan and others are engaging in great infrastructure projects which the western cartel press isn’t exactly playing up.

It’s time for Europe and the U.S.A. to admit that the world simply cannot be powered by windmills and solar power. It’s time for the U.S.A. to stop fighting senseless wars in Asia. It’s time for the U.S.A. to tell Wall Street and its counterparts across the Atlantic to cover their own damn losses while looking to the Constitution for a really good plan on how to issue credit and what for (look to the Preamble for what for.)

We keep thinking it can’t get worse. It can. Much, much worse.

On the other hand, it can get much, much better.

We each of us has to take back what’s good and not get trapped in the boxes everywhere.

Those fighting the Revolutionary War didn’t know how it would go either.

Mr. Global Warming himself?(yes, yes... now its "climate change")

The world's number one "sky is falling" alarmist?

The "Buy my carbon credits" Champion?

The man who would hand our government over to Copenhagen?

I've got nothing against people who suffer from leprosy!!
Evidently there are reports that people were handed ballots pre marked for Brown.

Strange huh. Who is this big picture has a history of playing games with elections.

Just curious-did anyone else on the east coast who gets involved in politics notice a decided lack push for Coakley?
The Obamatrons will learn nothing from the Massachusetts surprise. You need only fly over the prog sites to read the crass drivel on how Martha Coakley was the worst candidate, evah.

Obama and his crew won't be satisfied until they destroy what's left of the Democratic Party. And it does seem weirdly purposeful.

I listened to Axelrod this morning. The disconnect is absolutely stunning. And the betrayal? As far as I'm concerned, it will not be forgotten! Or forgiven.
Stopped by kos this morning to read the spin.
One diary blames the loss on infighting between Dem factions in Mass. Obama and HCR had nothing to do with it, the Bostom machine didn't support Coakly. There was an included reader poll and most agreed this had to be the reason.
So much for anybody over there learning that the emperor has no clothes.
Wrong Joseph.

"Liberals" indeed need to learn when to "walk away".

In this case, liberals need to walk away from the legacy parties. (because the pipe dream is believing the DNC will EVER be able to be "purged")
It's important to draw the conclusions that follow from this, and not draw conclusions that do not follow from this.

I'll mention one fact that puts the lie to most of the 'reasoning' here.

Despite Obama's admitted own failures, despite the Senate failures by leadership and by the handful of obstructionists on the Dem side, despite the bad process, despite the bad economy, etc., as late as mid-December '08, just a couple of weeks ago, Coakley nonetheless led Brown by some 28 points in the polls.

So where were all these negative things outside the race determining the race in this fashion, then? Or what in those things became so dramatically worse since December 18 so as to account for the collapse of Coakley's lead? Isn't the obvious answer, nothing on the outside factors changed? Or is it suggested that sure, all those things were in play all year, but the Massachusetts voters only noticed and changed their minds in the last couple weeks?

That is hardly credible. What DID happen is that Coakley decided she could walk into the office without much effort, holding no rallies and instead taking a vacation in the Carribean, while Brown a) campaigned his ass off, and b) got maybe $15 million from outside the state interests and spent it all in the last few weeks.

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