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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Alternate universe

It's fascinating to see the alternate universe under continual construction at Democratic Underground. They now have a scenario similar in some ways to mine, except for them all roads lead to Rahm.
Hey, Rahm.....the wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round.

Except, you're not welcome here with the good people of the former Democratic Party!
A satire on the subject.

The Chronicles of Rahm
Oh my, DU'ers, tell us what you really think.
Sobriety after a two years 0f kool-ade intoxication?
Rahm is Obama's cabana boy, he's just following orders.
OK, please, someone, anyone clue me in as to this 'Rahm under the bus' comments that are rampant throughout the internet sites today.

OK, WHO threw him under the bus and when, and WHY?

Also, does it have anything with POTUS talking about being a ONE TERM POTUS?
OOoo just copied Nixon's words. Google it. 1 term prez, sure, may your wish comes true.
After a brief glance at the DU comments (I've never hung out there, even in the good'ol days), I can only be amazed at all the comments shrieking about Blue Dogs and what it must mean to be a Democrat from the same people who supported a guy who ran from being a Democrat, dissed Democrats, and never even mentioned that he was one...not on his campaign web site or in his campaigning. But hey, he's a solid Dem, doncha know. It's all those other ones that are selling him out.

If only the Czar knew!

That's the only cold blankie the 'bots can cling to anymore. If only we could get rid of Emanuel "Irgun" Rahm, Obama could move on with his heavenly progressive agenda and little birds would perch on your shoulder and sing to you.
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