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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Let's play the blame game

I'll have more to say on the topic soon -- just as I have said much on the same topic in the past. But right now, I want you to check out myiq2xu's amazing work on the Confluence. He outlines his picks for the "bottom ten" list of nasty events markings Obi's trip to the nomination. Here's the tenth:
10) The “3am ad” fauxrage – Hillary ran an ad questioning Obama’s experience as a leader. Obamanation reacted with allegations of racism and party treason. The 30 second ad showing sleeping children was even compared to the racist movie epic “Birth of a Nation.” Really - I shit you not – in the NYT’s no less.
We cannot allow this history to slip into the past. We cannot allow revisionists to pretend "Well, there were problems on both sides." We cannot allow the many Homer Simpsons within Obotland to mutter "Let's not play the blame game."

The Obots really, really were 100 percent in the wrong. Never forget that fact. Never let them forget that fact.
Your posts provided most of my links.
There is nothing nastier than what happened in Michigan and a lot of Clinton supporters to this day still don't know how bad it was. The bill that passed out of the legislature was written by Republicans, and moved out of the Senate without any Democratic votes. In the house, as many Dems voted for it, and as didn't vote for it. It went to court, got bounced back for cleaning up AND NOT A SINGLE DEMOCRAT VOTED FOR THE FINAL BILL THAT ACTUALLY MOVED THE PRIMARY DATE UP. NOT ONE. Clinton was docked votes for the actions of Jennifer Granholm and Jennifer Granholm only.

Idiot prophylactic - yes, I know Dems voted for the original version. I acknowledge that in my post. Yes, I know Granholm was allegedly a clinton supporter.

Here's Wayne Barrett of the Village Voice on the subject:
Of course some of us just thought the 3AM ad was stupid.
There seems to be a major effort underway to rewrite recent history. Triggered perhaps by Eric Boehlert's new book "Bloggers on the Bus" the hardcore Kool-aiders are trying to claim that everything was hunky-dory last year until Hillary and her supporters ignited a race war.
Anonymous 1:41 AM
You are of course welcome to your opinion about the 3 am ad. The topic here was the acusation that the ad was racist. That by attmepting to highlight her experience and capability (which ads are supposed to do), it could ONLY mean she was attempting to portray Obama as a scary black man. Even it was not effective, or if it bored you, it was not racist. In any way. At. All.

myiq, I read your post and all the comments. Great job. And I thought you captured the exact essence of what went so terribly wrong.

Many laws are created to make something that was already done illegal. For me, a silver lining from the 08 primary would be laws created to stop the caucus fraud, laws created to stop what happened in the Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting.

He is a 'dirty' president becuase of the cheating used to get him the job. Even if he does well in the job, which I doubt, I will never forget HOW he got there. I hate to use an analogy that may seem sexist, but cannot think of another. (Early morning.) Let's say someone sleeps their way to the top at their job, and it is a well known fact among their co-workers. This person left a trail of people fired and broken marriages and stabbed backs on their way up. Now, do you think even IF that person does okay at the job, that they ever deserved it or that their performance will ever overcome the means by which they got the job? Nope, the end does not justify the means.

Obama cheated. And many people helped him cheat--sometimes even without his participation. A person of intergrity would have refused to accept the 4 delegates Hillary earned. He didn't need them, after all. He could have made a wonderful speech about how those delegates are not earned by him and he will not accept them. Would have made no difference in the end, but he would have shown a smidgeon of intergrity. He chose not to. He is an opportunistic cheat. Will always be.

And he won't be that great a president. I am over our president not being Hillary, but I will never get over it being him. A cheat. A slimeball.

I fully and heartily blame them--this is no game. And I want an apology. But we're not going to get it because this is pretty much how things were supposed to go.
Oh yeah, the obots were sooo evil and they were all individually controlled by Obama himself while Hillary supporters were like little angels or kittens and always the poor victims.

And sure, you have a very objective view of all this. It's not all about your bruised ego and a very childish vendetta against people you had a flame war with.

If I go around the web posting racist comments pretending to be you, does it make you a racist ? No wonder you have a keen interest for conspiracy theories, you have a very simple view of the world. The way you talk, you confuse the actions of some morons with a whole group.

Do you think that the "You won't vote for Hillary because she's a woman!" accusation from the feminist brigade was better than the "You won't vote for Obama because he's black" of the moronic "obot"?
"Us" meaning Obots? Right, because the cool intellectual Obama would never run a "stupid" ad.

The Obamazoids are already trying to rewrite history, claiming that Hillary supporters were just as bad. Of course they have zero evidence of it and there is ample evidence to the contrary, much of it compiled at this site. And every day of the Obama administration provides another opportunity for a big fat "I told you so, you morons."
I will never forget. I ain't much into forgiving either. However if someone were genuinely contrite and not making a bunch of b.s. statements about there being plenty of blame to go around I might get down off my high horse.
lori, I didn't know that about Michigan, but that's what happened in Florida, too.
Oh yeah, the obots were sooo evil and they were all individually controlled by Obama himself while Hillary supporters were like little angels or kittens and always the poor victims.

And sure, you have a very objective view of all this. It's not all about your bruised ego and a very childish vendetta against people you had a flame war with

Strawman much?

I specifically said in my post that I wasn't claiming that HRC's supporters were blameless. Among other things it was an issue of proportionality.

I suggest you read my post about LOONS (Lying Obot Optical Neuropathy Syndrome)
myiq, I'm not going to allow the bots to have even that much of a foothold for their delusional revisionism.

Yes, the Clinton supporters were 100 percent in the right.

The Obama supporters were 100 percent in the wrong. They lied, they cheated, they astroturfed, they mounted a cult of personality and they acted like Moonies on meth.

Yes, it really was and is that cut and dried.
By "proportionality" I meant responding to a squirt gun with a shotgun kinda thing.
The Jews were most objective about Hitler and the Holocaust. The good Germans and Nazis were crazy. And Obama is shaping up to be quite the totalitarian just like we predicted.

If Nazis attacked and persecuted Jews through lies, how did Jews respond? Is it better to not respond to attacks or does responding help us clarify our views? I'm not sure.

It's helpful to also think of PUMAs like a battered women's and men's group. Women and men in these groups stick together, tell their stories to stay sane and support each other.
I agree 100% with Joseph.

And I have not seen any element of PUMA as racist.

PUMA started the same way the Second Wave started. As a reaction to sexist, leftist, white, male, anti-war activists.

It was painted as racist by black patriarchs to dissuade black women from becoming feminists.

I now believe what Violet Sox says which is that Second Wave feminists were not racist at all and were simply leftist and conservative women gaining consciousness against the sexist, leftist, white, male, anti-war movement. Intersectionality was a different point that came into being in the 80s and 90s. PUMA is not racist at all just like Second Waver were not racist.

They are maligned by black patriarchs because they are a threat to the civil rights movement. Now both men and women Obots of all colors are Eldridge Cleavers putting race before gender.

The most racist PEOPLE I encountered in my life let along feminists were white Third Wave feminists, namely white commenters on the LJ group feminist and commenters at Pandagon and Feministe before intersectionality became cool. There was one particularly nasty commenter at Feministing named MsJane but it was better than the other two blogs. In 2007, intersectionality and feminism bashing became cool.
Anon -

If I go around the web posting racist comments pretending to be you, does it make you a racist ?

I take it this is your way of trying to claim that the Obama campaign (and Obama himself) didn't call Hillary a racist. Well, that's dead wrong. His press secretary sent out a four-page memo detailing how racist Hillary was. Jesse Jackson Jr. (Obama's national campaign chair) called Hillary a racist during the New Hampshire Primary. Obama did as well, in speeches in both North Carolina and Mississippi. The fish rots from the head, as the saying goes. And his supporters got the message.

Now, the fact that caucus cheating on the part of Obama supporters was significant, widespread, and entailed the same tactics doesn't mean the campaign ordered or coordinated it, but it certainly had to be aware of it (there were 2000 signed citizen complaints from Texas alone, not to mention on-duty-police who witnessed it); an ethical person would have refused to accept the benefits of it - especially when there was so much of it - but Obama did not, which speaks volumes about his character.

Sergei Rostov
[Cross-posted at TC]

One item I wish had made the list was the incident which for me was "the straw that broke the camel's back": When the Obama campaign (in the person of David Plouffe) went on TV and said Hillary was responsible for the assassination of (Pakistani Prime Minister) Benazir Bhutto...a despicable tactic worthy of the worst of conservative Republicans.

Sergei Rostov
That was me, donna darko.

You were right to call the last 18 months an "atrocity" like the Holocaust. We won't forget. Never again.

Progressives did not become faux anti-racists until after Edwards dropped out January 30 meaning when only Obama and Clinton were left all this faux anti-racism came about as a cover for sexism to push Clinton out.
I know it's faux anti-racism because OpenLeft and DailyKos were very racist against Obama before Edwards dropped out. Then Bowers wrote this unintentionally hilarious post called OpenLeft Was Never Biased Against Obama.
Yes, the PUMAs were right. The Obots are foul-mouthed Philistines and Clinton-haters. Thanks to them, the Democratic Party is screwed.
Yup, Perry -- and for a long time to come. The party has trashed its principles, abandoned its base, and turned into a craven, corrupt shadow of the Republican party. Ss Dr. Evil would say, "you're Evil Lite: Not quite evil enough."

I was around for the feces-flinging extravaganza that was the Dean-vs.-Kerry interparty fight, but even that epic pie fight never reached the levels of hysteria that the Obama campaign induced in its foot soldiers. I witnessed the Great Purge of Edwards supporters and their ineffectual fight to maintain a presence on sites like the Giant Cheeto.

That, too, was nowhere close to the extremity of the Obots. The Republicans at their most Clinton-deranged impeachment-addled heights could only dream of reaching the heights of rage, incoherence, lunacy, and deranged viciousness that the Obotti achieved.

Never seen anything like it.

And yes, I do want an apology but I don't expect one from these diaper-soiling brats. So I'll just continue to quote the father of another noted Hillary supporter: "I told ya not to be stupid, you moron!"
Oh, I will also add that it's not suprising Obama accepted the benefits of unethical and illegal tactics used by others: in both his IL State Senate and US Senate campaigns, his opponent's sealed divorce records were mysteriously the first case leading to said opponent's direct defeat (name escapes me), in the second case leading to said opponent's (Ryan) replacement with an unelectable other (Alan Keyes).
Had it been me (or any ethical person, really), I would have at the very least said, "I don't want to win this way, it's not right...."

Sergei Rostov
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