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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Proven: Techdude is a fake (Added note)

We now know that Techdude -- the man who claims that he can prove that Barack Obama's birth certificate is a forgery -- is himself a forgery. Although I do not yet know Techdude's true name, I know that he swiped his resume from that of a genuine professional, Adam Fink.

Fink is not Techdude. Rather, the dude (he no longer deserves a capital D) lightly rewrote Fink's professional biography and claimed it as his own.

Here is Techdude's listing of his professional associations:
Active member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the American College of Forensic Examiners, Computer Forensics Volunteer Project, a Member of Federal Bureau of Investigation's InfraGard program, International Information Systems Forensics Association, The International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners, and others.
Here is Adam Fink's listing of his professional associations:
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, American College of Forensic Examiners, Computer Forensics Volunteer Project, Member of Federal Bureau of Investigation’s InfraGard Program, International Information Systems Forensics Association, The International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners.
The groups are the same. Moreover, they are listed in the same order -- and that order is hardly alphabetical. Only a fool would ascribe so exact a congruence to coincidence. Since Adam Fink has denied being Techdude, we must presume identity theft.

Techdude may not know much about Photoshop, but at least he knows how to use his word processor's copy and paste function.

If you go to the above-linked page, you will see a full refutation of the dude's methodology by a genuine expert named Dr. Neal Krawetz. The piece is titled "Bad Science: How not to do Image Analysis." As I suspected would be the case, the "anomalies" found by the dude are simple scanner dust particles, and they are all over the document, not just in the places which the dude considers suspicious. (Those particles are the second biggest bane of my professional life, the first biggest being the need to do actual work.)

Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs claims "I know who Techdude is and I have checked him out thoroughly." I'd like to know just what sort of checking she did. Did she make even one phone call to former employers -- the same thing anyone does when checking out a resume?

I just now encountered his direct reply to me ("I just want to stick my finger in Joseph Cannon’s eye for a second..."), which you can see here. I've never seen such an accumulation of pseudoscientific gobbledygook mixed with unearned contempt. He thinks I've failed "Photoshop 101"? I make a living with the program, which I doubt can be said of him. I also operate under my own name, and have never claimed anyone else's c.v. as my own.

Hey, dude -- why the hell would you talk about saving a layered file as a .png file in Photoshop? That's what the .psd format is for. From Wikipedia: "PNG was designed for transferring images on the Internet, not professional graphics..."

Here as elsewhere, little of what the man has to say makes basic sense. He's a flim-flammer, hoping to gull the technically illiterate.

This is indeed a disturbing development. What was the motive for this attempt to disrupt the PUMA movement?

Will Larry Johnson do the right thing and apologize for foisting this fraud upon his readership?

By the way -- my great Techdude challege still holds. Scroll down and you will see that I've hidden a Shakespeare quote in the COLB, using the same tactics allegedly used to hide Maya Sotero's name. If Techdude or any other analyst (professional or amateur) can tell me the quote, I will bow down in admiration. (I've already shared a large part of the solution with a disinterested party.)

Added note: I am now convinced that the blogger who calls herself Texas Darlin' is in on the con. More on her soon.

The fact remains that she has never published an image showing the actual results of Techdude's manipulations. The word FEMALE simply is not where Techdude says it is, no matter what you do to the image.

Once a competent forger has erased writing, it simply is not possible to tease those old pixels back into existence. The entire premise is false.

No-one has replicated his claim. The only people defending this man's nonsense are technical illiterates who pretend to understand his meaningless pseudoscience.
As far as I'm concerned, the "controversy" over the birth certificate is a distraction from other very real and more important issues regarding Obama. While his evasions are suspect, the collective "we" should be focusing on the solid reasons that Obama should not be president, rather than chasing ghosts (or dust particles as the case may be).
I want to disagree with two things. First, Seth makes a strong argument in the comments but I want to disagree for one reason. I heard a similar argument when Bush's DUI was news for about 8 hours in 2000. Like Seth, I'm not interested in the story but who knows what's going to pan out and what isn't? And the idea that "solid reasons" is what's going to appeal to everyone doesn't seem proven by past elections. To be clear, personally I agree with every word Seth wrote but I guess I'm saying if someone else thinks it's an issue and wants to pursue they should go for it.
They shouldn't invent their own 'facts' or present fantasy as fact. Congratulations to Joe for being a skeptic, for waiting for some sort of proof (and waiting and ...). When none came, Joe went digging.
Where I disagree with Joe is the guy (TD) being an anonymous. While it can be argued in this case that the special qualifications were such that maybe there was a right to know, I really wish all bloggers were anonymous. I think if Big Cheeto had been anonymous, for example, and stayed that way, a lot of ego tripping would have been cut out. We wouldn't have ended up with our new batch of wind bags if they'd been anonymous.

Well, in my mind, it was pretty obvious TechDude was a fake, as soon as TexasDarlin posted this at her blog back in July:

"The following report was written for TD/NQ by Techdude, who hurried to complete it after his tires were slashed and a mutilated rabbit was found hanging by his front door..."

Yet TechDude wouldn't release his identity so people could confirm he was legit.

So on the one hand, he was anonymous, and on the other hand, his tires were slashed and a dead rabbit was hanging on his door?

Yea, right. Of course I suppose it's possible TexasDarlin slashed the tires and put the rabbit on the door, since she was one of the few who knew his identity.

More on TexasDarlin soon.

There is so much out there to criticize Obama over; the birth certificate was simply barking up the wrong tree.

Some are desperately trying to find a way to disqualify Obama from being the Democratic nominee in hopes Clinton will get it. As much as I am pissed off over the primaries, I believe it is way too late to hope for Obama to withdraw and take the party down with him in November.
"the dude (he no longer deserves a capital D)"

He doesn't deserve the last "e", either. Techdud is the proper name.
Yikes! Somebody's reputation is going to crash and burn.
This whole thing reminds me of the 60 Minutes fiasco over the alleged phony memo about Bush and the TANG.
Agree with all the comments here. I've never been one to get caught up infaux controversies over birth certificates, childhood religions, African connections, etc. Talk about grasping at straws! Obama gives us way more meat to work with that is REAL and to focus on the inane at the expense of the real issues makes us look foolish.

As much as we don't want to see Obama as President, using our energies in such futile pursuits and/or giving any time of day to those who do is counter-productive.
I've just posted a more comprehensive list of "similarities" between Techdude and Adam Fink.

Techdude: Adam Fink? Or Rat Fink?

koyaan -- that's an excellent analysis.

All I can say is, if Fink is Techdude, then Fink is an incompetent.

But I do not believe them to be one and the same. Instead, I think Texas Darlin' is in on the con. The interesting question is -- what's the deal?

I notice that no-one is looking into Evelyn Pringle's investigations anymore. Energies have been diverted with this COLB red herring.
This very well could be a red herring designed to discredit the PUMA movement. What better way than to drum up a controversy, use a fake expert, then prove the expert is a fake? This is definitely a variation to what happened to Dan Rather.

What is sad is that the COLB on KOS' site could very well be a fraud. Discrediting a fake expert could serve to discredit anyone else looking into it, thus keeping the MSM far away. Perhaps that was the whole point. Another Axelrovian ploy?

Personally, I believe that there is something wrong with the COLB, or something in his past that Obama is hiding. Why else won't he simply do what McCain did - get a real one, show it to all the main media outlets? Something isn't right there. But using a fake expert is only going to serve to make the real story go away.
Well, if TexasDarlin was in on the con, so was Pamela Geller over at Atlas Shrugs (that's where Techdude made his debut). So, is TexasDarlin a con, or was she conned?

I may have leaned toward the latter, but I recently noticed a post today from TexasDarlin where she said:

Pamela Gellar (Atlas) and I spoke yesterday for the first time. I wanted to introduce myself because I’m a fan. I have the utmost respect for her, and her work.

Did she really only speak to her for the first time yesterday, or is she perhaps trying to inoculate herself from any claims that her and Pamela were in on the Techdude fraud?

I don't know. We'll just have to wait and see how this unfolds.

Cannon has now got that con artist Texasdarlin running around like a rat in a tin on her own blog.

Keep on tapping that tin!

Blogger Joseph said...

All I can say is, if Fink is Techdude, then Fink is an incompetent.

But I do not believe them to be one and the same. Instead, I think Texas Darlin' is in on the con. The interesting question is -- what's the deal?

It's just a smear tactic. The birth record discussion provides imaginative people with a basis for all sorts of other smears that are connected to:

* Indonesia
* Arabs
* Muslims
* Kenya
* Forgery
* Canadian birth
* Arabs
* Dual citizenship
* Muslims
* Illegitimate birth
* Muslims
* Secrets
* Conspiracies
* Bigamy of father
* Ghost flights to Kenya for birth
* Arabs
* Muslims
* Concealing information
* Refusing to reveal information
* Crooked Hawaiian officials
* Muslims
* Concealed addresses in Indonesia
* Adoption by grandparents
* Faked marriage 1961
* Concealed adoptions
* Slashed tires
* Dead rabbits on doorsteps
* Threats to the "truth-seekers"
* Sister's illegal Hawaiian COLB
* Muslims
* Grandmothers locked in basements
"If you go to the above-linked page, you will see a full refutation of the dude's methodology by a genuine expert named Dr. Neal Krawetz."

I can't find that linked page. Which one is it?


Mountain Sage
"I can't find that linked page. Which one is it?"

Apologies. I should have been more clear.
Here's another thing: Techdude offered a free trip to Vegas to the first person who could discover the identity of the allegedly female original owner of the COLB. KG then "discovered" Maya's name, but asked that Techdude instead donate the money to retire Hillary's debt.


(1) Techdude has already stated that the matter is not that important to him. Why on earth would he be willing to gift at least a thousand dollars to someone for finding the secret?

(2) Isn't it convenient that KG asked that instead the money be donated to retire Hillary's debt? Assuming KG is just TexasDarlin' or Techdude (both "TD"), it sure makes it easy to look like the gift was conveyed.

(3) Has KG ever commented before on TexasDarlin's blog, or is he a new identity that only coincidentally surfaced once Techdude posted his analysis?

(4) I find the most convincing piece of evidence supporting a forgery to be this picture of Hawaii COLBs from 2006 through 2008. If Obama's COLB was issued in 2007, then its failure to match the 2006-2008 COLBs should raise eyebrows. However, has Techdude ever posted pictures of these alleged 2006 through 2008 COLBs? I haven't seen them; only these corners. Why can't Techdude simply post them and black out the names and ID numbers?
BlueLyon, will this finally be enough now to remove No Quarter from your blogroll? Especially since Larry is now trying to keep things going by making shit up a la the whitey tape? Why was it ok to go along with this in the first place?
Drake wrote:

"(4) I find the most convincing piece of evidence supporting a forgery to be this picture of Hawaii COLBs from 2006 through 2008. If Obama's COLB was issued in 2007, then its failure to match the 2006-2008 COLBs should raise eyebrows.

In Smear-Land minor details like that don't matter. It was fair enough in the early stages of the Smear (before a 2007 certificate was found) to make comparisons with certificates from 2006 and 2008 to try and gauge if there was any possible fabrication that they could follow up on, but once a 2007 certificate became (supposedly) "available" their Smear-Continuity-Writers ought to have dropped the other "evidence".

It seems that you are looking at all of these rants from the "CULT of the COLB" as if some of it was true. None of it is true - it's all lies.

After the smear is exposed Techdude gets written out of the story. I dunno - maybe he will "disappear" and dead rabbits or concrete boots will be found on his doorstep which prove beyond all doubt he was done away with"

"TexasDarlin" and Larry Johnson just upped the case. claiming that the GOP has the "Barry Soetoro" birth certificate.

I think it's as real as the "whitey" tape Larry Johnson has also claimed.
BlueLyon, will this finally be enough now to remove No Quarter from your blogroll?

Yes, and done. Actually, I've rarely gone to the site lately after the whole "whitey" stuff came down. I can only claim laziness as why I didn't remove No Quarter's link before. I don't do conspiracy theories, and as you will see by a quick perusal of my web site have never given any of these ridiculous meme's any credence at all.
Unable to take time off to go to Denver, but would love to see as many pumas representing us as possible???????
Send an email to :

From Rocky Mountain News article "Things You Might Not Know About Barack Obama":

"Holds both American and Kenyan (since 1963) citizenship."

Does that change anything in regard to his running for President?
patgund wrote:

"TexasDarlin" and Larry Johnson just upped the case. claiming that the GOP has the "Barry Soetoro" birth certificate.

I think it's as real as the "whitey" tape Larry Johnson has also claimed.

Oh no, Patrick. It's true. And it's absolutely, irrefutably for real.

Here, go see for yourself.

for what it's worth - possibly little...

I got a bit frustrated with texasdarlin some time back:


Comment by Gary McGowan | 2008-06-09 09:09:19

Neither am I a troll. And I mean no offense, but I think TexasDarlin (author here) is in way over her head with this piece. It’s a mishmash, and the times demand more knowledge and care as to issues and sources.

Blind enthusiasm and blind disgust and hatred is not doing our cause, of getting Hillary elected and saving the republic, any good. Worse, this piece is a virtual setup for damaging this blog and what it stands for.

Larry, I beg you, be more careful. You are not up against amateurs here.


texasdarlin's post in question is here:

Rashid Khalidi: PLO Member & Obama Mentor

Basically, she didn't know what the f--- she was talking about and it read like a disinfo piece against a decent guy ...

Almost 3:00 am... I gotta grab some winks. Just thought I'd mention it.
Thanks for the link. Something Dr. Neal Krawetz said in that post, "I just do not see what he is highlighting", made me feel better.

While I do not claim to be a PhotoShop expert I have used it successfully for about 3 years and I didn't see what TechDude said he saw either. I'm happy to know I'm not the only one.

Mountain Sage
You know it's funny but I guest blog on NQ-USA and I find the whole COLB such nonsense and frankly a distraction. Every day, Texas Darling and her ***Breaking***Breaking*** that said nothing. She can't over whatever happened on DailyKos. They buy in on any rumour. Today Larry himself quoted the Rocky Mountain News report that Obama also had Kenyan citizenship. It was an error and I understand there has already been an errata issued. Instead of focusing on real issues like I do on my blog, By The Fault, they put nonsense. I was dubious when the Judea Benjamin posts started appearing. He claims to be a historian. I am historian. So Judea Benjamin sets off alarm bells because he was a Senator from Georgia. The first Jewish Senator in the nation's history who then went onto become the Attorney General and Secr. of State of the Confederacy. Okay, so maybe his parents had some weird naming sense of humour and named him Judea. So I go to the AHA, the historian's professional database, and such person. It's a pseudonym. The funny thing is that in his original piece he was asking for peer review. Who the hell is going to peer review something written under a pseudonym and one that is a hero of the Confederacy in a piece that attacks an African-American Presidential candidate? This is the gang that couldn't shoot straight. So I called them on it. She posted some more nonsense about how Obama's family once owned slaves and how Benjamin rose to high office even though he himself wasn't born in the US and his life mirrored Obama's. While it is true that Benjamin was born in the Danish Virgin Islands, how does Obama's life mirror the life of the Attorney General of the Confederacy? Even more bizarre, this guy Benjamin who wants peer review used such language as "BS" at several points in his post. That's BS he wrote. Real scholarly there. Morons. And Larry is risking his credibility. His readership is down. My posts used to get comments in the 400 or 500s, now I'm lucky if I get a 100. On my own blog, I took the link to Texas Darling's blog down. By the way, her blog now requires a password to access it.

Charles Lemos
I have to agree with Cognitive Dissonance's post, above.

Something is wrong with Obama's bona fides.

You gentlemen can play the chest-pounding, name-calling testosterone game all day, but I do think the the guy, if he were named after his father, should be called JUNIOR, not the SECOND.

Unless there was STUPIDITY working while that kid got named, and I doubt that. His mother may have been intemperate, but I don't think she was stupid. Anyone with a decent high school education (and she had that, and a bit more) from that era, when education meant something, would know that you name the son after the father with the JUNIOR suffix.

The 2001 laser version is suspicious, too. Surely Gramma has an old copy of his certificate in a cookie tin, or something? Surely he needed one to apply to law school? Get a passport? And he HAD to have a passport well before this (not one where he is pictured with his mother either, one of his own)--otherwise, how could he have travelled to Pakistan and India to visit college friends?

He was born in Hawaii. The newspaper announcement seals that deal. But was his name changed, and changed back? If so, why not mention it? Did it ruin the Father Angst of his book to say that the drunken Indonesian guy stepped up to the plate?

Something is "off" there.

This isn't the most important issue as to why Obama isn't resonating as a truthful, honest, and capable candidate, but those who say "Ignore this" plainly cannot walk and chew gum at the same time.
At 1700hrs on 081008, texasdarlin's lil blog has been protected. (i.e. turned off.) Wish I could have been a fly on that wall. :)
The TD blog went out of action about half an hour ago.

Has she had her big defamatory, racist mouth shut?

BTW, "TexasDarlin" is accusing you of being one of her "stalkers"

"texasdarlin // August 10, 2008 at 4:12 pm

I am told, but have not seen it yet myself, that Cannon is threatening to out me on his blog.

Be advised that any such threat is taken seriously. It will be considered to be stalking, or facilitating stalking, and behavior intended to threaten me and my family, to intimidate me, and to harass me.

Appropriate actions will be taken."

Koyaan, hilarious! No one could possibly detect alteration when it's so obvious lol.

So TD is raising the pot 'eh?

We'll be calling and re-raising real soon.


I have no idea what TDA is talking about.

(Let's try out some new nomenclature: TexasDarlin is TDA and Techdude is TDU.)

If she thinks that I am going to publish her real name and address, she's nuts. I've never done that.

Wait. Strike that. I DID do that once.

Michelle Malkin. She had played "sic 'em" on a perceived opponent, printing the opponent's personal info, so I figured that turnabout was fair play. I published her address. She moved. I'm glad I did it, because Nobody in Freeperland has tried that sort of thing ever again.

Earlier, I was tempted to retaliate against Ann Coulter in that fashion. Ann had published the home address of Lydia Cornell, and the results were pretty outlandish and frightening. Infuriated, I found out Ann's info, but finally chose not to publish it. (Although for a while there, I kept her home telephone number plugged into my cell phone, just as a gag.) Instead, I published a photo-comparison of Ann Coulter and Lydia Cornell. That was punishment enough, methinks. (Ann had also insulted Lydia's looks in her column.)

So the Malkin thing was the only time I ever stooped to such tactics, and it was only because Malkin herself had dunnit.

Now, I have every right to talk about TDA on my blog -- just as she may say whatever she pleases about me. And I may soon have a VERY odd bit of news. (I'm still checking it out.) But we're talking about her publicly-available net trail. It is a matter that is potentially newsworthy, or at least noteworthy. If she considers it stalking, she's nutty.

The one person I know who has spoken to TDA voice says that she seemed agreeable and on the up-and-up. I dunno. Maybe TDA really IS just naive. But frankly, she seems like she ought to be bright enough to understand the fact that TDU is piling on the techno-bullshit. And if she DOES understand that fact, then she is being duplicitous.

Being in a good mood today that I'd rather not spoil, I've not yet visited her site. But I'm told that she now says, or strongly implies, that Fink and TDU really are one and the same. But Fink has denied this to Krawetz, who originally thought that the two were one. At any rate, Fink did not return my call yet.

All I can say is that Techdude is either an identity thief or a liar. There's no third choice here.

If he really is Fink, then he has no business offering any testimony in a court case. He has spouted such egregious techno-nonsense that he could never pass an aggressive voir dire.

We'll have more on TDU, too. On the other hand, I don't want this fringe stuff to commandeer this blog.
Patgund wrote:

BTW, "TexasDarlin" is accusing you of being one of her "stalkers"

Could someone email me her name? She sounds awfully like someone I knew on the net some time ago.

Joseph - fair enough, I've been using "TXD" and "TD" for TexasDarlin and TechDude.

TXD has a LOT of her credibility invested in this whole thing, along with Larry Johnson helping her pimp it out. And I've noticed that the progression for it is that everytime someone points out a flaw in the reasoning, she attacks that person, and then comes up with a bigger and badder story.

I've also noticed that a large percentage of her "exclusives" and "breaking stories" are simply recaps with nothing new. I think a large part of it is her trying to keep people riled up.

Personally I think TD did steal Adam Fink's bona fides. And the "hiding" is not due to safety but the fact he's been caught in a lie. TXD and Pamela Geller have too much invested in his story to say "oh, we made a mistake, we were wrong - not without causing the people who believe that story to doubt all of it.
patgund wrote:

"Personally I think TD did steal Adam Fink's bona fides. And the "hiding" is not due to safety but the fact he's been caught in a lie. TXD and Pamela Geller have too much invested in his story to say "oh, we made a mistake, we were wrong - not without causing the people who believe that story to doubt all of it.

You are being far to kind. TXD and Pam are not making mistakes - they have demonstrated unceasingly that they are out to smear Obama in any way they can - and to keep on smearing and smearing and smearing.

If they were genuine they would let SOME opposing views and contradictory evidence to be presented.

At this time, after analysing a lot of people's words and phrases in a special program, I believe that Texasdude = Larry Johnson.

Ray, that is ridiculous.
Joseph wrote:
Texasdude = Larry Johnson.

Ray, that is ridiculous.


I wouldn't haven't a clue if it's ridiculous or not (or even possible). I'm merely reporting that a search of words and phrases used by bloggers in my program shows that the nest match is Techdude and Larry Johnson.

Even without an program to search for strings in text and give scores to the subjects, some people would agree that in their attempts to sound interesting they both sound like a pair of drama queens.

Ray, Larry Johnson has no motive for such a stunt. He doesn't like me and I am increasingly un-enchanted with the way his site is going. But this accusation is silly.

Now, as it happens, someone else is doing very detailed analysis of Techdude's writing style, and the results are rather more persuasive. So, sorry, but I'm not going to publish any more of your paranoia about Johnson, because I don't want to discredit this other fellow's suggestion, which I will discuss soon.
joseph said:

"So, sorry, but I'm not going to publish any more of your paranoia about [.....], because I don't want to discredit this other fellow's suggestion, which I will discuss soon."

That's fair. I doubt if I would have mentioned it much more in the open anyway. Incidentally I haven't got a good handle on who "J" is, so there's no history or gripes there.

It's good to see that someone else is looking at the question of writing style(s).

Joseph - Texas Darlin is a strong Hillary supporter that took a stand during the primary wars at the Daily Kos and MyDD along with Alegre and our Hillary's Voice group. I do not know Texas Darlin personally, but I'll vouch for her as a Hillary supporter even though I don't always agree with who or what she publishes on her own blog. I don't always agree with Riverdaughter or Alegre either, but I still stand by them as citizen journalists.

Texas Darlin is invested in the COLB and dual citizenship story and wants to get to the truth. I believe her heart is in the right place. I don't know about Techdude or JB. Let her see the story through. Challenge her, challenge Techdude's and JB's findings, but calls for TD or her guest author's to out themselves by publishing their RL info needs to stop. Any attempts to out Texas Darlin's RL info must stop immediately. No woman should have to be subjected to this type of intimidation, especially within our own coalition. The climate we (female Hillary supporters) are in right now is such that even talking about someone's RL info is a perceived threat. Our male friends need to be more understanding of this.

Let's disagree, but let's not act like the Obot thugs who are making threats against women.

Here's a rough list that I've just knocked up so we can keep track of all the allegations or suspicious things that have been noted about the Obama COLB:

1. Too many light coloured JPG artifacts.
2. Mohammed removed from COLB
3. The race "African" could not be valid
4. COLB provided in colour = sign of forgery
5. Not enough space in one of the dates
6. Different sized fonts used to other COLB's
7. Different typefaces used in the one name
8. Obama COLB had diff. border to DeCosta
9. Wrong border (manufactured)
10. Smudged border = forgery
11. Grey in border = forgery
12. Crooked border = forgery
13. Overlap in border = forgery
14. Borders not equal widths = forgery
15. The name "Obama II" = suspicious
16. The date stamp was bought at a shop
17.. COLB image too far left comp with others
18. No seal showing through from the back
19. No certification stamp showing through.
20. Problem with two "S's"
21. No line up between all the text
22. Kos version altered before upload
23. Kos version smaller than Factcheck
24. Obama woudn't give COLB to Kos first
25. Polarik is a forensics expert
26. Hawaii Heath didn't know COLB
27. No other evidence B.O was born in Hawaii
28. Smears site COLB had no seal showing
29. B.O's people not verified the Kos image
30. Called "Barry" at school and not "Barack"
31. Hawaii didn't have laser printers in 1961
32. A 1961 COLB would have a "2001 laser"
33. Adopted in Indonesia after age 5
34. Adopted in Hawaii.
35. Techdude is a forensics expert
36. Sister got a Hawaii COLB illegally
37. Sister's name visible in Obama COLB
38. Barack Soertoro COLB found in Hawaii

PLEASE ADD MORE AS THEY KEEP COMING IN (If it's ok with the blog owner and if he has room for them all).

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