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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


In the latest Reuters/Zogby poll, John McCain takes a five point lead over Barack Obama.

When asked about this development, Markos Moulitsas said: "Maybe this PUMA thing is hurting us. Maybe telling the Clinton voters to get out of the party wasn't such a good idea after all. Maybe we should apologize to them -- show a little humility -- instead of insulting them all the time."

(The previous paragraph is fictional. The first paragraph is not.)
Do you believe that Obama is behind because
so many Puma Democrats have left the party to back McCain? Or because people are upset over Resko?

I don't.

I think he is behind because people think he really is a Moslem, he wasn't born in the US, his BC is a fake,
he's a baby killer etc etc.

I really think Obama is behind because he looked like an absolute doofus when he gave his initial comments regarding the Russian invasion of Georgia.

-Get the UN council to force Russia to comply with a resolution-

Not to mention the recent photo of Russian troops commandeering US humvees and taking hostages.

And, his lackluster appearance at Saddleback did not help either. Or, his accusations that McCain knew the questions ahead of time and thus was more prepared. (any idiot should have known what the questions would be, its a bloody campaign for POTUS).

Need I say more?

I believe Obama is behind because he is so obviously not a credible candidate. No other explanation is necessary.
I think Obama is behind because he's a complete and utter dud. He doesn't even read his lines very well! The fact that anyone ever thought Obama had charisma is a tribute to the power of hyperventilation.
My heart almost stopped for a second. That's how dramatically your second paragraph hit me.
Obama is behind because you can't fool all the people all of the time
Wow! For a second I thought hell froze over....
Imagine they've done that...not me, but they might have gotten a few of us back...
As to the "why" - the real question is why was B0 was ahead so long when he obviously peaked with voters back in February? The answer: smoke and mirrors from the media. More heavy lifting to insure a 'clinching" than they did for 2 stolen elections for W?

that is funny.

thanks, i needed the laugh.
I think you tend to overstate the significance of markos. he is at least dead to me and it matters not whether he types anything about anything anymore or provides infrastructure for anyone else'e typing.

just flush again and hold the handle down this time. he'll swirl away for you, too.
Another geeky comment on the betting indices. First of all I would like to thank Joe for his analysis. My bets are now onside, ie I am currently making money on all my anti-Obama bets. These bets were primarily based on Joe's analysis, so I am in his debt. I

The UK betting markets currently have Obama as winning about 292 electoral college votes. Thats down from around 310 at one point. Clearly, the polls actually are far worse than that for OB. However the only point Im making is that the polls and the futures markets are both confirming slipping support. As for why, well I have an opinion but I doubt its worth very much. I think a) media domination is a double edged sword - people will get bored of him b) One would hope that presenting yourself as a "saviour" would not help your prospects with American voters. "Hope" my ass - "Bull" seems more appropriate. But it is so early in the process that these trends could run a while or even reverse.

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