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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Purge states and purple states

Here's a visual aid that no-one else seems to have put together.

I took a map of the United States, then overlaid the word "Purge" over those states affected by the attorneygate scandal. The list includes the more recent additions in New Hampshire, Minnesota and Missouri. It does not include the names on the still-secret list reported by the Washington Post.

I then indicated which states (in 2004 terms) were considered blue states, red states, and "purple" states -- that is, battleground states.

Notice a pattern? Show this map to anyone who denies that the prosecutors were being forced to suppress Democratic votes in the battleground states.

(Anyone may use this graphic. A link back to Cannonfire would be nice, but I don't insist.)
Wisconsin would have been a purge state if it were not for the persecution of Georgia Thompson in time to smear the Dems before the election.
actually, anon (and joe), biskopic of WI was on that list until....

and two more have just been added: GA and VA.

though the swing states were targeted, it's beginning to look like everyone was. oops; well, we knew that, since harriet suggested they toss out the whole lot of 'em.

though i do think the swing states, along with those with big electoral votes, were targeted first, i also believe they decided, after they did the typical trial runs, that they may as well keep lowering the bar as many places as possible. why not?

the logic of impunity.
West Virginia can be added for sure. Alabama and Colorado both had resignations that had appeared on purge lists so those are likely additions as well.
and josh just upped the ante, courtesy of mcclatchy reports, to 26. so we're at a third of the total 94. and counting?
Thirty. You'll soon see.

Arguably, I should not have mentioned NH...that's another story.
Re: map - don't forget one of the purges in the only blue state was Carol Lam, and she was a "real" problem due to her investigation.
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