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Thursday, May 24, 2007

KO says it all

What I want to know is: Where's Obama on this? How'd he let Edwards get ahead of him? Did Lieberman make a serious threat to switch parties if this rotten bill did not pass?
Olbermann is becoming the conscience of the nation.

Like many others, I think, I have made my displeasure known to my Senators and Representative. It is perhaps time to dump Reid and Pelosi.
I sense you are correct, Joe, in believing some sort of blackmail was involved. Perhaps it involved Lieberman, or perhaps smething else. Those illegal wireless wiretaps of BushCo may also have something to do with it.
I am losing patience with Olberman's impatience with the Democrats. For anybody to turn their problem with Bush's intransigence into a call for replacing their leadership as KO does here is more than slyly subversive, and may prove the opposite motivation from what you'd expect the guy is saying.

Fact is, the Democrats have a majority in mainly name and notional varieties alone. Their 'majority' in the Senate is counting Lieberman and the stroked out brain damaged guy who is still hospitalized so far as I know.

Blaming Democrats is what I see the right doing, in bad faith, proclaiming THEY (the Dems) now have the sole responsibility for all the evil that Bush has wrought.

If KO wants to be a courageous voice, let him put his money where his mouth is, actually do something that requires some cajones, and call out HIS cohort, at NBC/CNBC and elsewhere, as the Bush enablers and stabbers in the back of Democrats that they are.

The first question served up by Brian Williams in the first Democratic debate was how, on the occasion of Leader Reid's remark that the 'war was already lost,' this near-traitorous position would have found Reid being scraped off the bottom of Gen. George C. Patton's boot (after being kicked to a pulp with said boot).

So, KO, stop with the cheap and easy attacks that pretend a go for broke game of chicken with a president that the Congress cannot override as to his veto power is some no-brainer that the Democrats must be weaklings not to immediately try. It MIGHT be, if they only had a neutral media environment. But as it is, they are up against the Brian Williams and Chris Matthews of the supposed mainstream media, let alone what the Fox cohort dishes out.

Don't get me wrong. I like KO, and generally agree with his positions. However, it is very easy for him to point everywhere for blame except where his own livelihood is concerned, when it is in his livelihood area where the Democrats are slandered and vilified and beaten down.
"Where's Obama on this? How'd he let Edwards get ahead of him?"

Are you serious? Really? Did it occur to you that Obama didn't "let" Edwards do anything?
Edwards took a stand YESTERDAY, not today. He didn't wait until all the pundits and advisors weighed in.
Sorry, but Clinton followed John Edwards' lead, just like they did when it was Edwards who pulled out of the Fox debate.
No. Edwards "lets" others follow him.
Kim in PA
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