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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

War with Iraq AND Iran...?

Shrinks who work in mental institutions run the risk of acquiring behaviors similar to those displayed by the patients. (At least, I recall reading something along those lines in my Psych 101 textbook.) Nuttiness, in short, is catching. That's why, after a valiant effort to hear out the President's whole hallucinatory speech, I soon had to turn to a channel offering saner fare.

Ray-Ray made pesto tonight. Boy, I love pesto. But those pine nuts are awfully expensive. Does anyone know of a viable alternative?

If, like me, you had to switch stations out of fear that prolonged exposure to Dubya's dementia might unhinge the delicate workings of your psyche, you can read the speech here. Warning: Fearless Leader's new plan is even worse than predicted. I suggest tackling this text one paragraph at a time. A faster clip might prove toxic.

Here's the part that sent me scuttling off to the Food Network:
From Afghanistan to Lebanon to the Palestinian Territories, millions of ordinary people are sick of the violence, and want a future of peace and opportunity for their children. And they are looking at Iraq. They want to know: Will America withdraw and yield the future of that country to the extremists – or will we stand with the Iraqis who have made the choice for freedom?
Unreal! Does this yarn-spinner actually believe that Afghans, Lebanese and Palestinians long for our continued presence in Iraq? Or that anyone in Iraq wants us there?

Does anyone in the land of the free actually believe the issue in Iraq is democracy vs. terror, instead of Shi'ite against Sunni? Who among us is dunderheaded enough to accept at face value the proposition that Syria and Iran have armed and trained the "terrarists" in Iraq?

And I doubt that even Joe Lieberman would agree that reaching out to Joe Lieberman qualifies as bipartisanship.

It's clear from this speech that Bush has picked the Shi'ite side in Iraq's civil war. Maliki owes his position, in large measure, to the Sadrists; thus, we cannot expect to see that faction disarmed. Effectively, this decision places the United States at odds with Saudi Arabia, which has already signaled that it will aid the Sunnis. We will fight a proxy war against our chief oil supplier.

At the same time, siding with the Shi'ites requires commensurate action against Iran; any other strategy means ceding Iran increased power. And that means hostilities -- simmering or blazing -- with both Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Although Bush claimed to take responsibility for "mistakes," note that he did not say one word about the corruption that diverted so much reconstruction money into the coffers of KBR and other GOP-friendly firms.

I agree with Larisa Alexandrovna (and I hope she will forgive my quoting her at such length):
Translation: war with Iran.

Three key points:

1). The President has apparently admitted that we did nothing to secure the peace, provide the Iraqis with jobs, rebuild the infrastructure, and basically spent our money god knows where.

2). We are going to attack Iran and Syria, make no mistake.

3). Lied about Afghanistan, Al Qaeda levels in Iraq, Al Qaeda document, about the successes in Iraq, about the role this war has played in creating the very violence he is now trying to stop.
I don't want to end on a sour note, so let me reiterate that Ray-Ray's pesto looked really good. Man, I wish I could be eating that stuff right now. I made up a batch of mac and cheese, and despite the inclusion of a handful of real cheddar, the stuff in my bowl is about as indigestible as Bush's plan.
About the pesto, Ray's specialty is saving time not money and I totally agree that pine nuts are way too expensive....the ready made pesto(a good brand) it will save time and money.
About Bush, I actually watched the whole speech tonight(thank God it wasn't too long)and this was the first for me. I never could listen to him for more than 5 minutes. But I really wanted to see how he was going to squirme out of not getting out of Iraq.
He did good the poor boy. I said to my husband(with a look of astonished relief that he didn't screw any words), now we know what he was doing on vacation. He was sent to time out until he memorized his homework.
And afterwards, with my eyebrows still stuck to my hairline I said, the man just spilled the beans. He actually said all that is going on and all that no one will own up to. We are in Iraq until we kill enough of them to give us 75% of the oil revenue, and meanwhile we will scare Iran and Syria and use the Saudies and Egypt and Jordan to threaten regional civil war among Islamic factions. If we can't get the Lebanese to cooporate, well we'll tell Israel to put more pressure on the Palestinains to put pressure on the Hezballah to cut it out!
And if we have to drop a few bombs on Somalia to send a message that we will pick on the weakest of you rebels, well we will.
And if we have to sell a few nukes to India to keep Musharif under control, well that is the what we do.
And if you suckers want to drive your SUVs and live in the suburbs 20 years fron mow, Listen up... this is the price we have to pay.
That's what I heard tonight, what did you hear?
Cannon you may substitute pecans or walnuts in your pesto for pine nuts. But all nuts are kinda pricey.
The biggest nut spoke and I agree with you... war with Iran, stay the course. Rah rah Go Army, etc
He was in full audio-animatronic mode. It was too hard for me to concentrate on the words due to the drone.

We freeze massive amounts of basil chopped up in olive oil in the fall, and for the rest of the year carve off chunks and blend them with walnuts, pepitos, parsley, garlic and parmesan. Good to have something on this earth that we feel we cn control.
Okay, call me crazy, and I'm sure some of you will, but: ain't gonna happen. My feeling is that Bush is being set up to fail here, somehow. (Perhaps because there is now less than no international support for the existing war, let alone an extension of it, and hasn't been for quite some time.) And after that failure has taken place--on international t.v.--those who are obviously still so desperate for the Iran part of The Plan to go forth are going to want his head on a pike (even more than they probably do at this moment). Literally. Maybe they'll actually get their wish. As for who is allowing Bush to walk the foreign policy plank here--where is 41 right now? Could this just be the beginning of the "Winter Kills" scenario Joe has long predicted? I'd always wondered if 41 was going to do the deed himself, or if he was going to...delegate the task.

Oh, and for more crazy, here's my suggestion re: the pesto. Sliced and/or chopped almonds. Just came to me. Plus, I swear I've had almonds in pesto before.
My roommate's pesto suggestion: peanuts.
Peanuts? Ack! I think they'd be too overpowering in terms of flavor. Just about any other nut would do. You can find cashews and almonds for considerably less cost at asian (esp. Indian) markets. Just my $0.02.
Am waiting anxiously for the military coup we need so badly. Citizens are too chicken shit to revolt, apparently. Only solution I see, as Congress is up to its eyeballs in this mess and incapable of any remedy. The coup d'etat will give us something to talk about as we eat our pesto.
Looks like I heard right about the 75% oil revenue, or at least one serious journalist so far agrees with my deduction.
Pepe Escobar has an article in Asia Times called, "Surging toward the holy oil grail" in which he says, the push to pass an American friendly oil law in Iraq might push the Al-Sadr group and the Sunni resistance groups to work together (my insertion is that even the Kurds will join in)to push back the American occupation. That might explain the surge, since that kind of resistance needs more American forces in Iraq at least in the short run. No other explanation fits the senario as far as I can see. This outlook might also explain the verbal attacks on Iran and Syria as well, since those countries will have to help the Iraqis if they hope to succeed.
We use sunflower seeds.
Why Bush Will Nuke Iran by Paul Craig Roberts
OK here are the first warning shots.
There has been three major explosions in southern Iran(the oil centre of Iran), the minority Arab/Sunni population in that region is believed to be the source of the explosions and the supposed resistance movement(paid by the US?)
American forces have invaded an Iranian embassy in the Kurdish region of Iraq and five Iranian diplomats have been detained (there was a similiar incident a couple of weeks ago, involving Iranian diplomats in another region).
Iran is not making a big deal and US is not either, but the tensions behind the scenes are as high as it gets.
almost forgot about the pesto.


and whether or not you use pine nuts or sunflower seeds (can't quite get my palate around that one, but better than p-nuts, which are really peas), be sure to toast them this enhances the flavors oh so much, though only lightly so as not to destroy the nutritional value.
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