Friday, October 20, 2006

Ever notice...?

In the stylized donkey image used by Democrats, the stars point upward. In the stylized elephant seen on all Republican web sites and campaign literature, the stars invariably point down.

The inversed pentacle is widely considered a symbol of black magic.

Who designed these symbols? I know that Thomas Nast came up with the Democratic donkey and the Republican elephant, but who came up with the widely-seen modern versions?
Images of the Confederate Flag with the stars pointing down,
The present state flag of Georgia appears to be the actual Stars and Bars with a little gold decoration that, at a glance, suggests many images of the Republican elephant.

It's derived directly from the Civil War flag shown here, at the very bottom of the page,
You definitely have something here. The strange thing is, John Kerry's campaign posters also had the occultic upside-down stars. I wish I remembered a link, but i'm sure it can be found pretty easily.
Wow! Makes me think that maybe Chavez was on to something when he called Bush "Satan"
Well thats just plain CREEPY Laura
Lets not look for anything sinister. I have always held that the Repugs are so stupid they don’t even know which end is up.
That is incredibly interesting. And for number two comment.... why don't you think Kerry is capable of upside down stars? He was Skull and Bones.
The inverted star is also a known symbol of the freemasons and Skull & Bones. In ritual magic the pentacle is used in invocation (Summoning of spirits and energies). The Amish use the pentacle with the single point up as a talisman against evil. In france the Cathars used it in their worship. In many circles of magic, the single point down is seen as putting he material world above the spiritual.

Which would make sense, as the elephant is seen as a symbol of strength and prosperity, adorned with talismans of greed and desire.
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