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Thursday, October 07, 2004

"Promptergate" and Bush's health

A poster to another blog relayed what he felt was an additional piece of evidence that Bush used an off-camera advisor:

...during the part of the debate about Kim Jung Il, Bush addressed someone named "Ted". Who is this "Ted" that Bush was talking to? ...This would be explained if Bush had an earpiece and was speaking to his "handler".
Is this true? I checked the MSNBC transcript of the debate and could find no reference to a "Ted." However, the transcriber might well have glided over a seeming non-sequitur.

The more fundamental question is this: Why would Bush require an earpiece now, when he (apparently) did not use one in 2000? And why is his performance so much worse?

Two lengthy quotations, taken together, paint a rather disturbing picture. The first, which many of you have already read, comes from Joshua Marshall (who offers his observation "with some hesitation"):

In 2001, 2002 and 2003 the president had his annual physical in early August. And after each he's gotten a clean bill of health. To all appearances the president is in excellent health.

But this year, according to AFP, he's decided to postpone his physical until after the election.

On its face, the explanation makes a certain amount of sense. "This has been a busier travel period for the president than the previous three years," Scott McClellan told the AFP.

But can the president really not afford one day?

And another thing occurs to me.

What was the president doing in early August this year? Right about then is when he was taking the traditional hiatus from campaigning during the Democratic convention. It seems like then of all times he had some time free.
I certainly understand Marshall's hesitation. Still, the President does make decisions of life and death; his health is a matter of concern to all.

The news that Bush has refused a check-up inevitably colors our assessment of the following. This quote comes from a letter to the Atlantic Monthly from Dr. Joseph M. Price, responding to an article by James Fallows -- an article which, oddly enough, discussed the debates:

James Fallows's description of John Kerry's debating skills ("When George Meets John," July/August Atlantic) was interesting, but what was most remarkable was Fallows's documentation of President Bush's mostly overlooked changes over the past decade-specifically, "the striking decline in his sentence-by-sentence speaking skills." Fallows points to "speculations that there must be some organic basis for the President's peculiar mode of speech-a learning disability, a reading problem, dyslexia or some other disorder," but correctly concludes, "The main problem with these theories is that through his forties Bush was perfectly articulate."

I, too, felt that something organic was wrong with President Bush, most probably dyslexia. But I was unaware of what Fallows pointed out so clearly: that Bush's problems have been developing slowly, and that just a decade ago he was an articulate debater, "artful indeed in steering questions and challenges to his desired subjects," who "did not pause before forcing out big words, as he so often does now, or invent mangled new ones." Consider, in contrast, the present: "the informal Q&As he has tried to avoid," "Bush's recent faltering performances," "his unfortunate puzzled-chimp expression when trying to answer questions," "his stalling, defensive pose when put on the spot," "speaking more slowly and less gracefully."

Not being a professional medical researcher and clinician, Fallows cannot be faulted for not putting two and two together. But he was 100 percent correct in suggesting that Bush's problem cannot be "a learning disability, a reading problem, [or] dyslexia," because patients with those problems have always had them. Slowly developing cognitive deficits, as demonstrated so clearly by the President, can represent only one diagnosis, and that is "presenile dementia"! Presenile dementia is best described to nonmedical persons as a fairly typical Alzheimer's situation that develops significantly earlier in life, well before what is usually considered old age. It runs about the same course as typical senile dementias, such as classical Alzheimer's -- to incapacitation and, eventually, death, as with President Ronald Reagan, but at a relatively earlier age. President Bush's "mangled" words are a demonstration of what physicians call "confabulation," and are almost specific to the diagnosis of a true dementia. Bush should immediately be given the advantage of a considered professional diagnosis, and started on drugs that offer the possibility of retarding the slow but inexorable course of the disease.

Joseph M. Price, M.D.
Carsonville, Mich.
Many will argue, with some justification, that Price should not discuss the health of a man who is not his patient. But Bush won't see his doctors. So Price's disturbing diagnosis-from-afar is all we have.

(Incidentally, I've settled on the name "Promptergate" instead of "Audiogate." I'll switch nomenclature if something else catches on.)
i think it is more likely that he suffers from a mental disorder precipitated by stress.

if bush were bipolar, for example, this presidency could have precipitated a manic episode.

and there are PLENTY of explanations for organic deterioration other than 'presenile dementia,' which is relatively rare- even obvious things like brain tumors.

bush has exhibited bizarre behaviors recently, and has been reported to be taking antidepressantS (note the plural, which would rule out typical unipolar depression requiring prozac, certainly sounds more like bipolar manic depression)look here:

President George W. Bush is taking anti-depressant drugs to control his erratic behavior, depression and paranoia, Capitol Hill Blue has learned.

The prescription drugs, administered by Col. Richard J. Tubb, the White House physician, can impair the President’s mental faculties and decrease both his physical capabilities and his ability to respond to a crisis, administration aides admit privately.

“It’s a double-edged sword,” says one aide. “We can’t have him flying off the handle at the slightest provocation but we also need a President who is alert mentally.”

Tubb prescribed the anti-depressants after a clearly-upset Bush stormed off stage on July 8, refusing to answer reporters' questions about his relationship with indicted Enron executive Kenneth J. Lay.

“Keep those motherfuckers away from me,” he screamed at an aide backstage. “If you can’t, I’ll find someone who can.”

Bush’s mental stability has become the topic of Washington whispers in recent months. Capitol Hill Blue first reported on June 4 about increasing concern among White House aides over the President’s wide mood swings and obscene outbursts.

just thought it might be interesting to throw this into the mix!

I'm intrigued by this story. Ted Olsen comes immediately to mind as someone whose voice fits the description, who is in Bush's inner circle, and who is as skilled in debating as anyone in the administration...
How about "Puppetgate"?
I thought I might add another thought to the mix - long term use of drugs and alcohol will do strange things to the brain. Basically it can cause an essential time-bomb, where the processes causing dementia have already started - and can't be stopped, even if the drug abuse does - but the individual functions normally until the point at which too much brain area has been affected, and then the signs and symptoms of dementia show up. This seems a more likely cause of this dementia than alzheimers, since the early-onset type of alzheimers has a strong tendency to run in families, and is very rare to occur when no one else in the family has the disorder. Though, otherwise I would have to agree that his confabulation and angry outbursts when someone points out mistakes do tend to go along with a diagnosis of dementia. But then, Ashcroft's annointing himself with oil and Bush hearing the voice of God both point to delusional and perhaps psychotic behavior and Cheney very often exhibits the signs of severe paranoid psychosis and don't get me started on Rumsfeld - so what's one more mania mixed with a little dementia to this administration of asylum escapees?
The real question should be: has anyone seen him wandering the halls of the West Wing with a Magic 8 Ball? Teehee.

In all seriousness, though, it does seem likely that there is *something* clinical going on. I am bipolar and also have panic disorder, and under pressure have been known to exhibit some of the same symptoms, particularly the trouble with language (and I'm a member of Mensa). It's like... your brain is two steps ahead of you to begin with because of the mania, and then you feel a panic attack coming on and you literally can just become another person (I also have dissociative identity - formerly known as multiple personality disorder - which could be another possibility). I think the poster who commented on Bush's long-term alcohol and drug issues could have hit the nail on the head. His body has been detoxed, presumably, for a few years now, and as his brain tries to figure out how to function without the chemicals it had been receiving from the outside for decades, the onset of depression is no surprise, and other organic psychological problems aren't a big step from there..
It never occurred to me until I read this blog that the same thing could be happening to Bush as happened to my ex-husband. He had been a heavy drinker before we married. He quit for about 10 years but he replaced the alcohol with anti-depressants. About 10 years into the relationship, he started drinking again while still using the anti-depressants. It must have damaged his brain in some way because he went from an articulate, brilliant man to a dazed, confused, non-functional person who couldn't carry a conversation more complex than How's the weather? It was a progressive deterioration.

If that is what is wrong with Bush, we are in Big Trouble. Forget the election - he should be removed from the White House for medical reasons.
I find your "medical" hypothesis intriguing; however, I have a slightly different slant on the issue. Two possibilities:

First, if Bush has indeed experienced some degradation in mental performance over the last decade, that might provide the justification for his inner circle (Rove etc.) to insist on the ear implant. This happens either because they convince themselves that it is necessary, or they convince Bush by rational argument, or they just have their way with him (wouldn't be the first time).

Alternatively, as you have pointed out several times in your blog, it is not easy to listen and speak at the same time (especially when you are trying to be covert about it). The apparent degradation in Bush's performance might come about purely because of his team's increasing use of the implant to direct him in real-time situations, and his own frustration with these attempts at micromanagement. In any case, this is the most charitable interpretation of his declining abilities.

Finally, it is quite possible that these two effects are working in synchrony, in a vicious circle of sorts. That is, as his team loses confidence in his ability to deal with the real world on his own, they ramp up their efforts at control; and as they ramp up their efforts at control, it becomes harder and harder for him to act naturally, and more and more likely that he will resist ("Let me finish!") - confirming the team's prior judgement of his incompetence.
i know that the Apple iTunes music store has the entire audio recording available for free. I am going to DL it...has anyone listened to it? Where abouts is the Ted reference?
Listen, I'm a Kerry supporter and all - and would love a chance to discredit Bush. But this 'mystery bulge' - whatever it is - it doesn't seem likely to me that it is some kind of electronic device, because if it was, it is awefully BIG. Scale-wise, the thing would be like 18-24 inches long - not exactly high-tech modern electronics. Seems to me that if he wanted to wear a 'wire', it could be and would be much smaller. I think it looks like a back-brace of some kind - or maybe it's another 'face on mars' kind of thing - light refraction playing tricks on the lens.
I'm with the last poster - it's too big a "bulge" and is most likely an optical illusion from the light. The comments on W's brain, however, are right on track. There is something definitely wrong with him whether it's organic or a personality disorder. Whatever - the fact that he is the supposed leader of the world's super power is beyond frightening.

What was that winking thing (or was it a tic)?
There are any number of medications that can cause memory difficulties. For example, Trileptal, an anti-convulsant often used to treat people who are mildly bipolar or who have "cyclic mood disorder" (i.e., they blow up with little or no warning), can cause significant word-finding difficulties, especially with higher doses. Different drugs can cause similar (and more or less severe) difficulties in this area. Neurontin, another anti-convulsant used as a mood-stabalizer in some patients, can cause drowsiness in some patients.

For a newly-prescribed patient, getting the right dosages at the proper times can sometimes take a while to work out. If Bush were a newly-prescribed patient on some kind of mood-stabilizing medication, it would not surprise me that they haven't gotten the dosage and timing right yet. Indeed, that might help explain the first debate; if Bush reacts like some patients, maybe he was just suffering a drowsiness side-effect at the wrong time (for him).

Not that we are *ever* going to find out. I mean, how long was it before Kennedy's drug use came to light? 35 years?
For what it's worth, when he was Governor here in Texas, he would come down to a satellite TV studio where I worked. He could not work with the teleprompter and the explanation we heard was that he was dyslexic. So, instead, I guess he has an in-ear prompter - words spoken to him instead of written on a screen. I actually feel a miniscule bit sorry for the guy if he actually is dyslexic - it must be hell trying to seem coherent. I understand that his administration would not want it to get out that he is dyslexic because it looks bad. Like Reagan's alzheimers.
I'm with the DNC chair who commented that if Bush was getting audio feed and still performed that badly, everyone in the control room should be fired.

Wouldn't someone have told him to stop making the faces?

The video going on the web comparing 1994 to 2004 does show a marked deterioration. I couldn't believe it was the same man.
can someone post a link to the video mentioned comparing bush in 1994 and 2004
Does George W Bush have oral cancer. He refused to take his annual physical in August. During the debates his left lip was drooping and drooling. He has a nervous facial tick and bites his lip. His speech is slurred, he appears farigued. As a nurse, I can say that those are the symptoms of having cancer of the mouth. His heavy use of chewing tobacco and alcohol makes him a prime candidate for oral caner.
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